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Andi Gladwin

Meet Andi Gladwin

Andi Gladwin makes events both unbelievable and unforgettable. He is a world-class close-up sleight of hand magician who has performed all over the world at prestigious events such as on the world’s most expensive private yacht over New Year’s Eve, a Las Vegas television special and even in Washington, DC for President Obama’s Inauguration.

“The best magic creates a story,” Andi says, “My aim is for everyone to walk away with a new experience that they will talk about for the rest of their lives.” Those stories have been told by guests at thousands of events over the past decade.

Far from the tackiness or cheesiness often associated with magicians, Andi’s magic is funny, sharp and relies on a lifetime of practice and performing experience. He is a well-dressed, professional magician who has dedicated his entire life to the art.

Andi is equally at home on stage for groups of twenty to one-hundred guests, or while mixing and mingling at cocktail receptions. In either setting, he will interact with your guests and perform amazing miracles just inches from their noses. But each performance is just the start … the stories will live on forever.

See Andi in Action

Andi Gladwin magician video

Andi is available for a select number of performances each month.

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