My Magical Wedding

I got married on the 28th August in a lovely hotel called Dormy House in the Cotswolds. The day went perfectly with lots of family and friends there. There were many, many magicians there including my two best man (both professional close-up magicians) and the head bridesmaid (also a professional close-up magician!) and lots of other magicians!

Entertainment wise, I flew a well-known magician from America called Chad Long to entertain at the wedding and he went down an absolute storm! Many of my friends and family haven’t had the opportunity to see a professional magician at work (given that 99% of my events are private parties) so this was a real treat for them and they loved his magic.

For wedding entertainment in the evening, I arranged for Signature, the Michael Jackson tribute from Britain’s Got Talent to perform as surprise for everyone, including my new wife! It took a lot of work to get them as they don’t do many private events, but it was definitely worth it as my wife was desperate to have them there, but thought that they weren’t available!

Here are a few photos from the day. I’ll add a few notes about my honeymoon in the Maldives tomorrow!

Magical Wedding

Magicians at Wedding


Wedding Entertainment

Wedding Magician

I perform at weddings at least once a week and therefore, I’m pleased to take a break next Saturday as I’ll be getting married myself! I’m marrying my longtime, long suffering girlfriend Sarah who has seen me perform more card tricks that anyone else alive!

We’re getting married at the amazing Dormy House Hotel in Broadway, Worcestershire and will be surrounded by many of our friends and family from all around the world. We’ve flown a magician over from the USA to entertain our guests, which will also include fifteen or so professional close-up magicians.

Continuing the magic theme, my two best men are also professional magicians! One is flying over from New York City especially to be there. In fact, even the head bridesmaid is a professional close-up magician so we’re expecting a very magical wedding!

I’ll be reporting more on the wedding once we get back from our honeymoon in the Maldives. I won’t be posting anything the week or so after the wedding as I’ll be busy relaxing! I have someone manning my emails though, so feel free to still get in touch.

No Performance is the Same

At a recent wedding, a photographer followed me around most of the tables that I performed at and took some great photos.

At the end of the evening, I joked that he must be getting bored of my magic given that he would have seen my act about ten times that night. His response, however, interested me. He said (paraphrased as my memory isn’t perfect!), “Not at all. Every table that you’ve performed at was a different show. The people were different, so your tricks, jokes and presentations were different. The way you changed your style for the table of old people and then brought it back up for the younger crowd was extremely interesting.

The photographer has essentially picked up my main goal when performing. I don’t just run through the motions of an act, but instead try to create a unique experience every time. I don’t have scripts and I decide which tricks to perform for the audience once I get to know them. This allows me to “play” with the audience and create a unique, interesting show for everyone there!

Wedding Entertainment Page

A lot of brides and grooms that I talk to often tell me that they hired me to perform at their wedding as they wanted different wedding entertainment to the norm. They didn’t just want a disco; instead they wanted something that stood out from the crowd and something that everyone would remember.

With that in mind, I put together a wedding entertainment page to describe why adding a magician to your wedding is such a great idea. I’m biased, of course, but truly believe that a close-up magician is the best wedding entertainment possible!

Wedding Magician – Positive Comments

Entertaining people at weddings is one of the most enjoyable types of performance for a magician as everyone is always having such a great time. Therefore, it’s always nice to hear from brides and grooms who enjoyed my performance. Here’s one that just came in about a wedding that I performed at recently:

“We would like to thank you for the wonderful time we had after our wedding dinner thanks to the entertainment delivered by you, it was magic! Jokes aside, it was such fun and all the guests enjoyed it too. We were left baffled as to how you performed your magic. We will definitely contact you again when we have our next party! ” —Lina & Andy

I still have a few dates remaining so if you’re getting married this year, take a look at my wedding magician page for more info on how a wedding magician can make your event even more memorable.

No Wedding Too Small

Last weekend I performed for just seven people at a wedding in Sutton Bonington Hall, Loughborough, proving that there really is no wedding party too small to be entertained by a magician!

Magician at Sutton Bonnington Hall Sutton Bonington Hall was a fantastic venue that is perfectly suited to a magician. The staff were fantastic and the atmosphere was perfect!

The guests gathered in the ballroom while I performed a forty-minute magic show for them all. I find that this kind of performance works best for such small groups as everyone can get involved and get a front row seat to some amazing magic! In this style of performance, I get to know everyone’s names, get everyone involved and really have fun with the group. The wedding party seemed to really enjoy the magic and they told me that everyone left the show completely amazed!

Even with just a few day’s notice, at the bride’s request, I even managed to arrange to hire a fantastic caricaturist for the wedding, who drew his fantastic caricatures after my performance. Having worked with so many other fantastic entertainers, I’m always happy to recommend performers or help hire them for clients. This is not a service I charge for; just something I like to do where requested to make things easier for wedding organisers.

The wedding was a great success and it just goes to show; there’s no wedding too small to hire a wedding magician! In my next post, I’ll talk about the other side of the coin; the wedding that I performed at last night which was somewhat larger than seven people!

Now's the Time to Hire a Magician

If you’re looking to a hire a close-up magician in 2010 for a wedding, party or event, now is the best time to do it! Close-up magicians tend to get booked up for key dates early in the year, so it’s always useful to book early to guarantee my availability. Here’s a sampling of what I’ve been hired for so far in 2010:

  • Wedding magician in Gloucester
  • Party magician in Cheltenham
  • Christmas party magician in Wales (already!)
  • Wedding magician in Bristol
  • Worcester wedding magician
  • Close-up magician for product launch in Gloucester
  • Magician for wedding in Cheltenham
  • Birmingham close-up magician for a party
  • … and many more of that nature!

Even if you’re just thinking about hiring a close-up magician for your event, get in contact today to ensure that I’ll be able to keep your date free!

I’m based in Gloucester but will travel anywhere in the country (or world for that matter!).

Magical Wedding Photography

Working as a wedding magician gives me the opportunity to meet some fantastic entertainers and suppliers. Therefore, to help you plan a magical wedding, I’ll recommend some of the talented people that I get to work with.

First up is Jake Moore; a fantastic wedding photographer based in Dorset. His website is and features some very cool wedding portraits.

Of course, if you need a wedding magician give me a shout. If you need a magician with a camera; give Jake a shout!