Come Rain, Snow or Ice …

This weekend was a travel nightmare for everyone across the UK, which certainly doesn’t make things easy for a close-up magician.

First, I battled my way through the amazing Snowdonia landscape to work as a close-up magician for a Christmas party. Being high up meant that the snowstorms were strong and driving was tricky, but I still ensured that I was there on time and ready to do my duties as a magician!

Next, I battled the freezing ice through country lanes in Bristol to work as a magician for a house party and then finally to Berkshire, battling through thick fog and snow to work as a wedding magician, where the snow was well over a foot deep.

I arrived at all gigs early and mostly importantly, didn’t need to cancel any of them even though the weather was working totally against me. This, I think, is the key to being a professional magician; being completely reliable and ensuring that nothing gets in the way of me performing when I have been hired to do so!

So, if you need a reliable close-up magician in Gloucester or anywhere else in the country, feel free to get in touch any time! Come rain, snow, ice or whatever, I’ll be there whenever you need me (queue Baywatch theme tune).