No Business Like Snow Business

Here in Gloucester we’ve been hit pretty badly by the recent snowfall. There’s still about eight inches of snow surrounding my house (think of it as a frozen moat), making it a complete nightmare to get out! The heavy snow in this area made last night’s trek to the Cotswolds to perform as a close-up magician a tough job; but I made it!

Magician in the Cotwolds

I performed magic at the launch party of a pharmaceutical company at the Four Pillars Hotel in the Cotswold Water Park, just outside of Gloucester. It was the first time I’ve performed as a close-up magician at this venue, but definitely hope to perform there again. It’s modern, nicely designed and a perfect environment for a magician to perform. The people at the party really enjoyed my magic and I had a lot of fun performing for them. It was a small event of about 60 people, which is always fun to work at.

Next week is a crazy week as I travel all around the country (Manchester, Newcastle, Sussex, London and more) — it’s unlikely that I’ll actually return home at all for about a week, starting this coming Thursday … that’s the fun life of a close-up magician!

I’ll be sure to post updates on the road. Firstly though, I have to organise a conference for magicians starting this weekend (more on that in my next post).