Magician in Reading

It felt like Groundhog Day driving down the same round for the fourth time this week yesterday. This time was more fun though as I spent the day in Reading with another professional magician discussing card magic.

In order to withstand the minor loneliness of spending all day answering phone calls and emails, followed by dozens of hours a week in the car, I try to meet up with likeminded magicians as much as possible. This magician in particular performs a similar style of close-up magic to me so it’s always great to meet up and discuss our latest ideas, experiments and new tricks. To me, that’s far more interesting than learning magic from a book or DVD.

Reading is a great place and I enjoyed spending the day there. Due to some shows near London later this week, I’ll be making that trip down the M4 a few more times!

DVD shoot for magicians

I spent the last two days in a studio in Newbury filming my first DVD for close-up magicians. If you’re not a magician, that may sound like a very strange thing so let me explain! If you are a magician, you can jump to the photographs below!

A very small number of close-up magicians (like me) create their own magic and therefore many magicians from all over the world learn that magic from DVDs. I have previously published about ten books on close-up magic but this is the first time I’ve ever stepped into the studio to record my magic on video.

The DVD focuses on a very specific sleight of hand technique. If you’ve ever seen me perform card magic, I would have definitely been secretly using this technique. It has taken me twelve years to develop it but now that I’m completely happy with it, I’m happy to teach it to other magicians.

Here are a few photographs that we snapped during the shoot:

Sleight of hand magician

Newbury magician

Card magic

DVD for magicians

Hire a sleight of hand magician

Andi Gladwin