An Evening of Deception

Last night’s An Evening of Deception went amazingly well! The sellout crowd was fantastic and was treated to a great night of contemporary magic. People from as far as London came to see the show, which was a great honour!

Steve Knibbs (BBC News presenter and great magician) MCed the show and did a fantastic job introducing the acts (Rob James, me and Thom Peterson) and talking about Cheltenham’s rich history of magic.

I performed an entirely new act, which I was really happy about and received lots of positive praise from the crowd afterwards. In the act, I showed some interesting cheating techniques including naming cards that people had just looked at and showing how to win £200,000 on the roll of a die. Introducing a fully new act in this nature is nerve-wracking as I have to rely on all new tricks, script and jokes to go right first time! Luckily though, they all did!

Being a full time close-up magician meant that I was really out of my comfort zone performing to a large crowd, but I loved every minute of it and would like to think that this is the start of me performing on stage more often (but don’t worry; I’ll always be available to hire as a close-up magician!).

Here are a few photos from the event. We had the show filmed so I hope to post an extract of my act over the coming weeks:

The cast of An Evening of Deception

Revealing a thought of card

Explaining how to win on the roll of a dice

Freaky blindfold

Curtain call

I’ll check with the other magicians about posting photos of their performances too. It’s bad form to do that kind of thing without checking first, so I’ll keep you posted!

Haiti Gig in Cheltenham

In my Magicians For Haiti post I mentioned that I was taking part in a gig where all of the proceeds will be going to the Haiti survivors.

If you want to see a live magician (that’s me!), plus a live band (coincidentally, one of the band members is also a magician) and DJ come along to The Front Rooms in Cheltenham (on the Strand) to see me perform. Not only is this one of the rare occasions to see a magician in Cheltenham, it’s also one of the rare occasions that I will be performing at an open event (normally I perform as a wedding magician or a magician for private parties) so this is a great time to come and see me perform.

I hope to see you there. I will try to post some photos of the event on this blog for those who are interested in the event, but can’t make it!

Cheltenham Magician