Hear Magic on the Radio

All this week BBC Radio Gloucestershire are doing a series on me. Tune at at approximately 9.45am to John Rockley to hear me talk about my life as a magician and hear me performing magic live on air for the presenter. You can listen live here:


For those who aren’t in the UK, I’ll try to get an MP3 put together at the end of the week-long series.

If you are visiting my website after listening to me on the radio, you might like to check out more about my magic at my close-up magician page.

Magician for Radio Show

I am still recovering for an incredibly busy day yesterday!

First up was a forty-five minute radio interview with popular BBC Gloucestershire presenter, John Rockley about my life as a close-up magician in Gloucester. I created three new tricks especially for the show, which all went down incredibly well. John seemed to be genuinely amazed with the tricks that I performed, which included divining his son’s middle name and predicting a card that he would pick by posting it on Twitter an hour before the show. The interview will air on BBC Gloucestershire as a week long series early next year.

After the interview, I jumped straight into the car to drive to west Wales where I performed close-up magic at a company’s Christmas party. It was a great party with lots of surprises for the employees. TV presenter (and “I’m a Celebrity…” star)  Anna Ryder Richardson was the special guest. She was completely amazed by the magic and seemed to be having a great time!

Magician for Radio Show

One of the most important things of being a magician is to personalise your magic to your audience and situation. That’s something that only an experienced magician can do well and I believe that it really sets us out from the crowd.

With over fifteen years experience as a magician, I thought that I had experienced every situation. That recently changed though, when I got a call from the BBC to ask me to appear on the radio performing magic. As magic is such a visual art, that’s always a difficult thing to do but I always accept a challenge!

Over the past few weeks, I have been developing some brand new magic tricks to perform over the air. We record the series next week and I’m excited to be one of the few magicians in history to perform magic over the radio!

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