Magicians for Haiti

Magicians are always a great help when there’s a crisis, so it goes without saying that magicians all over the world have jumped to get involved in raising money for the survivors of the Haiti earthquake.

I’ll be getting involved in two ways. Firstly, I’ll be performing close-up magic at a charity event in Cheltenham (more details soon), which will involve several other great acts all performing in aid of the Haiti survivors.

Then, next Wednesday I’ll be taking part in an online magician’s event, where I’ll be part of a line-up of well-known close-up magicians who will be teaching other close-up magicians a trick from their act. It’s set to be a great event and I’m looking forward to helping raise funds using my magic! So, if you’re a close-up magician, I hope to see you there!

My first stand-up comedy experience

When I work as a close-up magician, I always add comedy to my magic by improvising jokes based on things that people say, the environment that we’re in and the things that happen during my act. I don’t use pre-written corny jokes like many other close-up magicians, but instead try to improvise comedy based on the audience and the magic. This creates a much more personalised and unique experience for everyone; including me!

My latest challenge to myself was quite different though: stand-up comedy without magic! It has always been a goal of mine so I decided to make it happen recently. The audience reacted really well and I’m proud that I pushed myself out of my comfort zone to try it. I won’t be quitting the day job (a professional close-up magician!) but I’ll definitely be doing more stand-up comedy in the future; perhaps combining my skills as a magician with stand-up comedy.

Below are a few photos of the event:

Close-up Magician

Andi Gladwin magician

Stand up comedy

Tune in next time to see the results of my next goal: to be the third member of Jedward.

Nuclear Reactions

With all the amazing and interesting places that I have performed as a close-up magician, I thought I had seen everything. However, this weekend, I performed somewhere I would have never expected: a disused nuclear power station!

The Trawsfynydd station in Gwynedd, Wales is currently being decommissioned, which can apparently take twenty or thirty years. Therefore, their team of 200 or so employees needed a couple of magicians to entertain them on their onsite for their Christmas party and along with another fantastic close-up magician, I was happy to oblige!

It was a long drive into the middle of Snowdon, but the entire audience proved to be really fun and according to the client, her team really enjoyed being entertained by close-up magicians during their meal. I guess you could say, we got nuclear reactions from the crowd!*

* This joke was not made during the show, I promise!