Tips for hiring a Gloucester Magician

Here are a few tips that might help when looking for a magician in Gloucester:

1. It’s important that a magician (in Gloucester, or anywhere else!) has a great looking website. But a great website does not necessarily make a great magician. So be sure to do some research to ensure that you are not just hiring based off the website.

2. There aren’t any professional qualifications for magicians. But, it’s always useful to see if the magician has won any recent awards and are a member of a society like The Magic Circle. In my opinion, that is the only magic society in the country that is a little difficult to get into, so that’s always a good thing to check.

3. Check that they really are from Gloucester. Some magicians, unfortunately, spoof their websites to pretend that they live in Gloucester … and every other major city in the UK!

4. Do they specialise in close-up magic? The truth is that it is difficult to sustain a career in close-up magic and therefore magicians tend to accept many different types of shows. However, I am a specialist in close-up magic. I don’t do children’s entertainment … I specialise in magic at weddings and corporate events.

5. Are they easy to work with? That’s the essential one in my opinion. Be sure to talk to the magician on the phone and check that you like them, that they are fun and that they would be the right person to represent you or your brand at an event.

And there you go. Five quick, but important tips for hiring a close-up magician in Gloucester … or anywhere else in the country!

Mystery Room

Recently, I’ve been booking “Mystery Room” magic shows. The idea is that at various points during a party, small groups of people get invited into a room labeled “Surprise Room”. Only the organisers know what’s in the room; to everyone else, it’s a secret!

When each group get into the room, I perform ten or fifteen minutes of magic (maybe longer if there are less groups) and everyone gets to see great close-up magic performed in the perfect environment. At the end of the show, I remind everyone that what’s inside the room is a secret and shouldn’t be talked about until everyone has seen the show.

This is a great idea for house parties where it’s often busy and loud, making it difficult for people to really get to see close-up magic. In these scenarios, I normally end up performing very simple tricks because people can’t hear me very well. With the surprise room, however, everyone gets to see a magic show in exactly the same way that Hollywood stars get to see magic at the famous Magic Castle in LA.

I don’t charge any extra for mystery room shows than I do when I perform as a walkaround magician, so it’s definitely a great addition to your party!

For any magicians reading this, the secret room idea was pioneered by Alan Hudson and I think it’s a really great way for people to see magic.

5 Questions to Ask a Close-Up Magician

Here are five questions that you should always ask a close-up magician before hiring them:

1. Are you a professional close-up magician and how often do you perform?

2. Have you performed in similar venues and at similar events to mine?

3. Are there any hidden charges?

4. Are your timings flexible in case we need to change the time of your performance last minute?

5. Do you have any feedback from other clients?

I’m a close-up magician, so feel free to ask me any of those questions, and more! You can call or email me and I’d be happy to provide detailed, honest answers to all your questions about hiring me.

Inexpensive Close-Up Magicians

Every industry suffers from the same problem: newcomers or people who don’t get much business post crazily low prices on their website in order to attract attention. For example, over the last couple of days I’ve seen a close-up magician who claims to travel anywhere in the country for £99, and another for £149.

The truth is; a good, professional close-up magician will never quote his or her prices on their website (and to be honest, would never charge £99!) and would never have a one-price fits all scheme. In order to give your event the proper attention required (instead of just turning up and doing a few tricks), the magician needs to talk to you personally (over phone or email) to fully understand the event and your requirements before giving a bespoke price to perform at your event.

I have previously hired close-up magicians myself (for corporate events for my old employer and for my own private parties) and I quickly learned that price should only be part of the deciding factor. When hiring a magician, I was looking for someone absolutely astounding, someone memorable and someone who would do the best job possible at the event. That someone would never charge £99!

I normally reply to price enquiry emails within an hour or two if they’re sent on a weekday (weekends and evenings take longer as I’m normally performing), so if you’d like a bespoke, yet competitive quote to hire a close-up magician feel free to get in touch!

Hire a Magician Last Minute

Venue: sorted. Photographer: sorted. Disco: sorted. What about the magician?!

If you’ve left booking a close-up magician to the last minute, don’t fear; I’m here to help. My schedule tends to fill up pretty early for key dates so it’s not always possible for me to perform at your event when you book last minute. However, I have always been able to find a magician last minute for you by contacting my professional magician colleagues on your behalf. I am in constant contact with the best close-up magicians in the UK, so it’s always easy for me to find a magician for you.

So if you’re looking for a last minute wedding magician, or a close-up magician for a corporate event that your boss gave you two days to organise; I can always help. Give me a call and if I’m not available, I’ll help find you a last minute magician!

Professional Professional Magician

I’m a professional magician, which by definition means that magic is my fulltime job. However, of even more benefit to you is that I’m a professional professional magician Here’s what I mean:

  • I always arrive at all performances early
  • I’m always dressed smartly, and for the occasion
  • I act professionally around your guests
  • I have a modern performance style suitable for even your most prized business contacts
  • All the magic that I perform is well-rehearsed and has been performed thousands of times all over the world.

There are a lot of close-up magicians that advertise, but I hope that you choose a professional close-up magician like me!

Real Gloucester Magician

If you search on Google for “Gloucester Magician” you’ll be surprised to see twenty or thirty magicians advertising as Gloucester-based magicians. However, these magicians aren’t based in Gloucestershire; they simply have lots of pages on their site covering all different areas in the country allowing them to pretend to be from any part of the country.

If you’d like to hire a genuine Gloucester-based close-up magician, look no further! I am based just outside of Gloucester and regularly perform at most Gloucester and Cheltenham venues. Being a regular at such venues means that as soon as I arrive at your event, I am ready to start performing, know exactly where everything is and even have gotten to know the staff at many of the venues. This makes everything run that little bit smoother.

So look out for imitations; there’s only one professional close-up magician in this town!

Need a Magician for Multiple Events?

This past week I’ve been hired by two companies to perform at a couple of their events. One is on a series of consecutive days, while the performances for the other is a few weeks apart. There are many great reasons to hire me for more than one event at a time, but here are the most important reasons:

1. It’s a lot less hassle than dealing with multiple close-up magicians.
2. I’m normally able to offer a discount for more than one event.
3. I get to know the other people working the event, which means that things tend to run incredibly smoothly.

Even if your events are a few months apart, it’s always worth enquiring about those too so that I can reserve the dates and guarantee my availability to work all your events.

So if you need a professional close-up magician to entertain your clients, then another magician to entertain your colleagues, and another magician to perform at your trade show … why not just hire one: me!

Professional Close-Up Magician

I can’t imagine how difficult it is to choose which close-up magician to hire. There are so many close-up magicians with great websites, cool photos and such that it must be a nightmare to decide on one.

Here’s a useful piece of advice (whether you hire me, or anyone else): look for a professional magician. A professional magician is someone, like myself, whose only job is to perform as a close-up magician. I don’t have to hold up a day job and fit my performances into my spare time. Instead, my sole income is from performing as a magician.

There are hundreds (possibly thousands) of great amateur magicians and if getting a magician at a very low price is your only concern, an amateur magician would be perfect. However, professional magicians often have much more performance experience and have to be consistently fantastic performers as it’s the only way they’ll pay their bills at the end of the month.

I’ll try to detail some other useful ways of how to choose a magician in future blog posts. In the mean time, I thought this blog could have some more imagery, so here goes:

Professional close-up magician

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What is a Walkaround Magician?

You may have heard the phrase “walkaround magician” before. Since a client recently asked me to explain the term, I thought I’d take a moment to detail what a walkaround magician is on this blog.

A walkaround magician is any magician that “walks around” and mingles with guests at a wedding or party and performs close-up magic. This is normally during a drinks reception or at a house party before a sit-down meal where the magician approaches small groups and performs magic for them. It’s a great way for people to interact with a magician and see some amazing magic literally inches away.

The type of magic that I perform when working as a walkaround magician is slightly different to when I perform for a large banquet table. As a walkaround magician I perform amazing magic with smaller props (such as cards, coins, keys and borrowed objects). And because I’m just a few inches away from the audience, it’s perhaps the most relaxed type of magic I get to perform, which makes for a really fun experience for everyone.

A walkaround magician is a really fun way of adding to a party and creating a great talking point. I perform as a walkaround magician every week of the year, so feel free to get in contact if you need any advice or ideas from one of the country’s few professional walkaround magicians!