South Cerney Magician

I recently performed for a winter ball at Duke of Gloucester Barracks, South Cerney in Gloucestershire. I recently a very positive email from the Captain who booked me. Here is a brief extract from her email:

I would like to thank you for an excellent evening of magical entertainment during our Winter Ball! I received many extremely positive comments about your performances to each table with many saying that your act was the best they have ever seen at a ball (and some of them go to a lot of Balls!). I will highly recommend you for Summer/Winter Balls we will have in the future and I will pass your details onto the next entertainments member.

Cotswolds Magician

I recently performed at a house party to celebrate a 21st birthday party at Moreton-in-Marsh in the Cotswolds. I perform in the Cotswolds a lot and always enjoy working near to home.

One of the guests hired me on the spot to work at his next company event, which is always a great compliment for a magician. I received this really nice email from the lady who booked me after the party:

Thank you for entertaining everyone at our daughter’s 21st birthday party. Everyone thought you were amazing and you helped the evening to be an enormous success! I know one of my friends has already booked you for his event after meeting you at the party. I’m so glad I found you!
—Wendy Nursall, Draycott, Gloucestershire

If you want to see more positive comments check out my Gloucester magician reviews page.

Gloucester Magicians Site

I realise that a lot of people hire me because they are looking for a close-up magician in Gloucester. Therefore I thought it would be useful to put together a website focussing on the best magicians in Gloucestershire.

My new Gloucester Magicians website does just that. I have highlighted the best magicians in Gloucester and hope that it is of some use!

Gloucester magicians
Cotswolds Magician

In what was a slightly strange experience, last week I performed at the Dormy House in the Cotswolds; the hotel that I got married at two years prior. It was truly interesting to see the venue from another perspective and it still stands as one of my favourite places to work. Great venue, excellent staff and amazing views of the Cotswolds!

Here’s a photo of me performing for a small group on the patio of the hotel:

Cotswold Magician

Tips for hiring a Gloucester Magician

Here are a few tips that might help when looking for a magician in Gloucester:

1. It’s important that a magician (in Gloucester, or anywhere else!) has a great looking website. But a great website does not necessarily make a great magician. So be sure to do some research to ensure that you are not just hiring based off the website.

2. There aren’t any professional qualifications for magicians. But, it’s always useful to see if the magician has won any recent awards and are a member of a society like The Magic Circle. In my opinion, that is the only magic society in the country that is a little difficult to get into, so that’s always a good thing to check.

3. Check that they really are from Gloucester. Some magicians, unfortunately, spoof their websites to pretend that they live in Gloucester … and every other major city in the UK!

4. Do they specialise in close-up magic? The truth is that it is difficult to sustain a career in close-up magic and therefore magicians tend to accept many different types of shows. However, I am a specialist in close-up magic. I don’t do children’s entertainment … I specialise in magic at weddings and corporate events.

5. Are they easy to work with? That’s the essential one in my opinion. Be sure to talk to the magician on the phone and check that you like them, that they are fun and that they would be the right person to represent you or your brand at an event.

And there you go. Five quick, but important tips for hiring a close-up magician in Gloucester … or anywhere else in the country!

Gloucestershire Magician

This weekend, I performed at an event in Newham-on-Severn, Gloucestershire. The downside of being a Gloucestershire magician is the amount of traveling I have to do, so I love working close to home! To be able to finish a show and then be home 20 minutes later is a joy that can’t be explained in words!

Last Sunday I performed at a garden party in Newham-on-Severn, Gloucestershire. Guests were mingling in the garden and sat at tables, enjoying the buffet. Here’s a quick note that I received the next day from Chris, the organiser of the party:

Thanks for working your magic at my garden party, strolling from group to group and captivating even the most cynical of our guests. Your card tricks were stunning, and the “dice in a box” trick had everyone baffled!
—Chris Saunders, Newnham-on-Severn, Gloucester
Stroud Magician

I recently performed magic in Stroud for a 30th birthday party. I was the surprise element of the party and performed for a couple of hours, mingling with the guests. At several points in the evening, I had almost everyone at the party crowding around me as I performed magic for the birthday girl. It was a lot of fun!

Here’s a brief extract from an email I received from the lady that booked me:

Andi, you were wonderful at our daughter’s 30th birthday party. Truly magic – all our friends with us that evening are still talking about your great tricks, done right under their noses, you really amazed them! We will be calling on you again for our next special party. Many thanks. — Mandy Free, Stroud

The photograph below is halfway through a trick at the party, where I turn the deck of cards into a solid block of glass … whilst someone is holding it!

Stroud Magician

Cirencester Magician

Over Christmas, I performed for Moore, Allen and Innocent; a Gloucestershire-based company. I performed magic during their Christmas meal at the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester. Here’s a note that I received from the organiser of the party:

Just a quick note to thank you for your fantastic demonstration of dexterity and magic at our Christmas luncheon in December. Without doubt you made the event extra, extra special and even the sceptics amongst us (yes, there are the odd ones!) were speechless as each trick unfolded. As each table was spellbound and the whoops and rounds of applause grew, other tables craned their necks to see what all the fuss was about – and this was revealed as you captivated each table with your craft!

Someone came up to me recently and spoke about the luncheon and how one of the tricks was “not possible” and concluded, rather ruefully that it was indeed magic.A great event made even better by a great magician! -Keith Winmill

Gloucester Magician Aboard!

A couple of weekends ago I was invited to perform onboard the King Arthur sailing from Gloucester Docks. The boat sailed along the River Severn while eighty or so guests enjoyed the party put on to celebrate my client’s 70th birthday party.

Close-up magicians often say that close-up magic events tend to blur into one, but I disagree: when you have unique opportunities to perform in different situations and venues, it really makes a show memorable and fun. The boat was full of people of various ages and it was a lot of fun to perform for the guests while the boat was sailing down the Severn.

Here’s a quick message I got from Sue, the lady who had organised me to perform on the boat:

“Andi, you were great, everyone really enjoyed your magic!! Thanks for contributing to a super day!”
—Sue, Gloucester