Cheltenham Magician – Christmas Shows

The town that I am performing close-up magic the most in this Christmas is Cheltenham. Amongst the traditional Christmas shows, I am booked to perform close-up magic at a new hotel opening, at various army events and a couple of hotels in Cheltenham.

I live near Cheltenham (just outside of Gloucester) to performing as a close-up magician near my home is the perfect situation for me! So if you need a magician in Cheltenham for your Christmas party please let me know as I may be available to help!

And of course, this Christmas, I am performing at various Christmas parties just outside of Cheltenham too, including events in Stroud, Gloucester, Newent, Ross-on-Wye and Tewkesbury.

Christmas 2010 is approaching

I’ve already seen restaurants advertising their Christmas menues and shops stocking Christmas items. These things put fear into professional magicians because it means that we’re gearing up for the busiest time of year! Most professional magicians end up working almost every day in December (sometimes even performing at more than one event) so it’s an incredibly busy time. My diary is already starting to fill up and I got my first booking for a Christmas party months ago!

How to guarantee getting a magician for your Christmas party

The answer is simple: book now! I still have free dates in my diary, as do many other professional magicians that I know. Therefore, if you get in touch now, I’ll definitely be able to help you as if I’m not available, I’ll be able to tell you some other magicians that are.

If you wait until November or December, most magicians will have already filled the key dates for Christmas parties, so it’s definitely worth acting quick!

An Early Christmas Magician!

Last week I confirmed my first booking for Christmas 2010. To many people the idea of booking Christmas party entertainment in May probably sounds crazy; but it really is the only way to ensure that your chosen close-up magician is available to perform at your Christmas party.

This particular event will see five close-up magicians performing at the party. Given that December is always the busiest month for magicians, we never get to see each other toward the end of the year so it’s always nice to be working with other close-up magicians so that we can spend some time with each other.

The key Christmas party dates are normally the last three Fridays and Saturdays before Christmas. Therefore, if you know that your company is going to organising a Christmas party this year, why not nudge them in my direction?

I’m looking forward to a busy Christmas and hope that I’ll be able to perform at your party.

Nuclear Reactions

With all the amazing and interesting places that I have performed as a close-up magician, I thought I had seen everything. However, this weekend, I performed somewhere I would have never expected: a disused nuclear power station!

The Trawsfynydd station in Gwynedd, Wales is currently being decommissioned, which can apparently take twenty or thirty years. Therefore, their team of 200 or so employees needed a couple of magicians to entertain them on their onsite for their Christmas party and along with another fantastic close-up magician, I was happy to oblige!

It was a long drive into the middle of Snowdon, but the entire audience proved to be really fun and according to the client, her team really enjoyed being entertained by close-up magicians during their meal. I guess you could say, we got nuclear reactions from the crowd!*

* This joke was not made during the show, I promise!

Christmas Party Magician Update

The Christmas parties are still going strong and we’re well into the middle of the busiest month of the year for a magician. This week, I’ve been all over the country performing magic at corporate events and Christmas parties and the next couple of weeks will involve just as much traveling!

At these kind of Christmas parties, most of the attendees are normally very “merry” and up for a good time so close-up magicians tend to go down very well. I normally perform magic between the courses of a sit-down meal or perform walkaround magic during a drinks reception.

I thought January would be a good time to rest, but I’m now starting to get a lot of bookings for people who require a close-up magician for the start of the year. That’s not a complaint though; being a close-up magician is the job I love and I’m looking forward to being busier than ever in 2010!

Christmas Party Magician

I’m getting a lot of enquiries for working as a magician for Christmas parties. This time every year, companies all over the world hire magicians for their parties. Normally the magician would perform during the drinks reception or during a sit-down meal. Adding a great close-up magician to your party is a fantastic way to add some fun to your event.

While I am already booked to work as a party magician for many days over Christmas, it’s still worth getting in touch as I am in contact with dozens of Christmas party magicians all over the country, so if I’m not available, I can quickly find you other great magicians that are!

Feel free to visit my magician contact page to get in touch today – I look forward to hearing from you!

Welcome to the magician blog

I’ve blogged about magic for years; but that has been specifically to give close-up magicians ideas for ways to improve their tricks and performances. This blog has a completely different concept: to update my clients and friends of my life as a professional magician.

So, welcome to the blog. This is my new website, which I launched today. I hope you like the new imagery, photographs and branding!

If I don’t update regularly over the next couple of months, it’s very likely because the Christmas season of gigs is about to kick off. If you are looking for a close-up magician for your Christmas party, please get in touch; if I’m already booked, I am always happy to recommend other magicians that I have worked with before.

Thanks for tuning in — I hope this blog turns out to be of interest!