Cheltenham – Superdry

This Christmas I performed two events for the Cheltenham-based clothing brand Superdry at the brand new 131 The Promenade in Cheltenham. Having performed at the opening party for the hotel, it was great to be back a week later to perform for two more evenings.

One of the Superdry photographers (Andrew Coley) took a few snaps as I was performing. I think they are really fun. Here they are:

Cheltenham Magician
Gloucestershire Close-Up Magician

The girl in the shot is reacting to me turning a deck of cards into a block of glass! If you want to see this, and much more, I am available to hire as a Magician in Cheltenham and of course, a close-up magician throughout the country!

Check out more of Andrew Coley’s great photography at

Cheltenham Magician – Christmas Shows

The town that I am performing close-up magic the most in this Christmas is Cheltenham. Amongst the traditional Christmas shows, I am booked to perform close-up magic at a new hotel opening, at various army events and a couple of hotels in Cheltenham.

I live near Cheltenham (just outside of Gloucester) to performing as a close-up magician near my home is the perfect situation for me! So if you need a magician in Cheltenham for your Christmas party please let me know as I may be available to help!

And of course, this Christmas, I am performing at various Christmas parties just outside of Cheltenham too, including events in Stroud, Gloucester, Newent, Ross-on-Wye and Tewkesbury.

Cheltenham Magician and more!

This last week has been manic. Not just with my own wedding plans, but with performances at weddings and events throughout the UK. I haven’t had time to describe them all to you, so I thought I’d give a quickfire run down of a couple of memorable events:

Cheltenham Magician
I performed at a great wedding, walkaround around performing close-up magic for each table. You can check out my Cheltenham Magician page for more info for my work in this area!

Cardiff Magician
Next up, I performed at a large wedding in Cardiff. I performed for the hour and a half between the wedding breakfast and the evening do, which was the perfect time for magic at this wedding. People are gearing up for a great night and I had a lot of fun!

Hereford Magician
I performed a 45-minute show for a family who were on holiday in Hereford. The family had hired out a massive house and asked me to come along and entertain them. There were three generations of the family there, which made it fun to perform for them.

Gloucester Magician
Another wedding; this time in my hometown of Gloucester! I performed at the Hatherley Manor Hotel; a hotel that I’ve worked at a few times now. I performed close-up magic on the lawn during the photograph period. It was a really nice day and everyone seemed to be really into the wedding spirit. Check out my Gloucester Wedding Magician page for more info on my Gloucester wedding performances.

This will likely be my last post before my own wedding and my honeymoon in the Maldives. I hope you don’t miss my daily dose of SEO too much!

Sozo Design – Cheltenham

I recently performed for Sozo Design, a Cheltenham-based web agency who were celebrating their tenth anniversary. The party was hosted in a marque in Cheltenham, where I performed walkaround magic and then magic at the tables during dinner. The attendees were a lot of fun and I really enjoyed performing for them. Given that there were a lot of business owners at the party, I received a lot of interest for me to perform at future events, which is always a nice compliment.

Here’s an extract from an email that I got today from James, the chap from Sozo who hired me:

“Thank you. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was blown away by your ability and skill. Thank you so much for coming along to the party and entertaining us.”
—James Hutt, Sozo Design, Cheltenham

And here’s a nice photo of me entertaining James and some other team members:

Cheltenham Magician
Cheltenham Magician – Part Two

For my second day in a row, I performed in Cheltenham yesterday. This time was for a wedding at the Barceló Cheltenham Park Hotel; the first time I’d performed at this particular venue.

I entertained ten tables of guests throughout the wedding breakfast. During the meal is my favourite time to perform at weddings as I feel as though I am able to make a genuine addition to the day. Normally, when I get to a table, they’re chatting quietly between each other, yet after my ten or fifteen minute show they’re laughing, clapping and cheering, which really creates a great party atmosphere.

The bride and groom were extremely complimentary and for the rest of the wedding, I noticed them clinging onto the card that they both signed for my closing trick at the top table!

Cheltenham Magician – Part One

I’m performing in Cheltenham twice this weekend. The fist time was today, at the Cheltenham Cricket Festival, and the second time will be for a wedding tomorrow at the Cheltenham Park Hotel.

Today I performed during a luncheon in a private tent at the Cheltenham Cricket Festival. This is the second time in the past few weeks that I’ve performed in a marquee on the fabulous Cheltenham College grounds as I recently performed for their student leavers ball.

I entertained 50 or so guests in a VIP tent today, performing walkaround magic for an hour or so, before performing magic around the tables between the courses of the meal. A photographer was on hand to snap a few photos with the Cheltenham College as a nice backdrop:

Cheltenham magician

Magician Cheltenham

Close-Up Magician

Gloucestershire Magician

Magician Cheltenham

The contrast of events that I get to perform at is one of the reasons why I love my job so much. Tonight I performed at another student ball; this time for Cheltenham College, one of the oldest and most prestigious independent schools in the country.

Attended by about 200 students and parents, this lavish affair was held in a beautiful marquee on the school grounds. I’ve driven past the school hundreds of times en route to other shows so it was really nice to take a look inside this beautiful school.

Magician CheltenhamI performed close-up magic for the students mostly who seemed to really enjoy and get involved with the magic. Many of them knew that a close-up magician would be performing at the party and were all very excited and appreciative when I performed for them.

I’ve been asked back to perform at future events, which is great as I love performing as a magician in Cheltenham and in particular thoroughly enjoyed entertaining these students. After my performance the guests were also treated to a live band, chocolate fountain, fun casino and more … as I post this and get ready to get tucked up in bed the party will still be going on strong!

An Evening of Deception

Last night’s An Evening of Deception went amazingly well! The sellout crowd was fantastic and was treated to a great night of contemporary magic. People from as far as London came to see the show, which was a great honour!

Steve Knibbs (BBC News presenter and great magician) MCed the show and did a fantastic job introducing the acts (Rob James, me and Thom Peterson) and talking about Cheltenham’s rich history of magic.

I performed an entirely new act, which I was really happy about and received lots of positive praise from the crowd afterwards. In the act, I showed some interesting cheating techniques including naming cards that people had just looked at and showing how to win £200,000 on the roll of a die. Introducing a fully new act in this nature is nerve-wracking as I have to rely on all new tricks, script and jokes to go right first time! Luckily though, they all did!

Being a full time close-up magician meant that I was really out of my comfort zone performing to a large crowd, but I loved every minute of it and would like to think that this is the start of me performing on stage more often (but don’t worry; I’ll always be available to hire as a close-up magician!).

Here are a few photos from the event. We had the show filmed so I hope to post an extract of my act over the coming weeks:

The cast of An Evening of Deception

Revealing a thought of card

Explaining how to win on the roll of a dice

Freaky blindfold

Curtain call

I’ll check with the other magicians about posting photos of their performances too. It’s bad form to do that kind of thing without checking first, so I’ll keep you posted!

A Morning of Deception

Tonight is An Evening of Deception; my first show at the Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham. Three magicians will be performing for a sold-out house.

We are set to arrive at the theatre at about 2pm, where we’ll get everything set up, arrange lighting and sound cues and then go through a technical rehearsal. As a close-up magician, I’m used to just rocking up with a pocket full of miracles and immediately starting my performance, so this is all a little alien to me. The cast of Nick Jr’s Peppa Pig show will also be milling around, so I hope to share a dressing room with Ms Peppa and her clan (I’ll be honest; I had to Google who that was, but it sounds cool nonetheless).

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the show and will report back tomorrow to let you know how it went, along with some photos and maybe even a little video.