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Andi Gladwin

Sleight of Hand Magician

Andi Gladwin is one of the UK’s leading sleight of hand magicians. He’s won several sleight of hand awards, been featured in many sleight of hand magazines and has been flown across the world to teach other magicians his sleight of hand technique.

Andi isn’t one of those tacky magicians that you may have seen at other events; he’s a talented, professional sleight of hand magician who performs amazing, world-class magic and in a modern, fun and professional manner. He’s also not one of those boring sleight of hand magicians either; he’s funny, confident and very entertaining.

  • Full time, professional sleight of hand magician.
  • Member of the prestigious Magic Circle.
  • Toured the USA to teach other magicians sleight of hand magic.
  • Frequently featured in top magic industry magazines and books.
  • Creator of over 100 sleight of hand tricks and techniques for magicians.

What is a sleight of hand magician?
A sleight of hand magician performs amazing magic with playing cards, coins and other small objects that you would see in a casino. The true techniques used by sleight of hand magicians date back hundreds of years and can only be passed down from master to student. Andi has learnt from the best sleight of hand magicians in the world to ensure that his sleight of hand is top class.

Andi even taught his card magic at a top sleight of hand conference in Atlanta, which was attended by fifty of the top sleight of hand magicians in the world.

Andi is available for a select number of performances each month.

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