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Andi Gladwin

Magician Tewkesbury

Tewkesbury magician Andi Gladwin is one of only a couple of professional close-up magicians to live near Tewkesbury.

While Andi regularly travels to perform magic all over the country, he is frequently hired to perform as a Tewkesbury magician in the area’s most popular wedding and party venues. Due to the fact that he lives just 10 miles from Tewkesbury, if you’re having an event in Tewkesbury, hiring a local magician such as Andi Gladwin is the most cost effective solution.

Where is Andi based?
Andi is based in Newent (just outside of Gloucester), which is the perfect location to perform as a magician in Tewkesbury! So if you need a magician for your wedding, party or corporate event in Tewkesbury, Andi is the perfect choice.

Where in Tewkesbury has Andi performed magic?
Andi has performed all around Tewkesbury and its surrounding areas. Hire time to perform at the Hilton Puckrup Hall, Tewkesbury Park Hotel, the Bell hotel and more! Andi has also performed in nearby areas such as Upton-Upon-Severn, Gloucester, Cheltenham and more.

Is Andi a member of the Magic Circle?
Andi is one of the only magicians in Tewkesbury to be granted membership to the famous Magic Circle. He is the only magician in the area to ever be highlighted by the club on the cover of their prestigious magazine.

Andi is available for a select number of performances each month.

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