Andi Gladwin

Magician in Balloon

Andi Gladwin is the magician in the balloon. What does that even mean?! Well, he’s the only magician in the world to perform an amazing trick from inside a giant red balloon! Andi awkwardly contorts himself into a large balloon before popping his head out to perform an hilarious magic trick with the help of the audience. Things supposedly go awry, but then BANG … something amazing happens!

Andi is the featured on ITV 1’s Next Great Magician, where he performed a trick alongside host Rochelle Humes from The Saturdays. His performance was used heavily to promote the show during November 2016 due to its unusual, and memorable imagery.

The Magician in the Balloon act is an hilarious five-minute piece, filled with gags, magic and visual comedy. Once seen, you’ll never forget it! Andi is based in the UK but available for performances all around the world. The act is suitable for English-speaking variety shows, warm-up act, cruise ships, speciality act, conferences and more. With limited availability, be sure to enquire early to secure a performance at your event, or in your show:

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