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Magician FAQ

1. Is Andi a member of the Magic Circle?
Yes! In fact, not only is he a member of this prestigious magician’s club, he was also heavily featured and promoted by them on the cover of their industry magazine.

2. How far will Andi travel?
In short; anywhere in the world! Andi has performed in Las Vegas, Spain, Portugal and more. Most of his performances are in the UK though and he’ll travel anywhere in the country to entertain your guests.

3. What is a close-up magician?
A close-up magician performs miracles using everyday objects such as playing cards, coins, keys, watches and more. Close-up magicians typically perform short shows for small groups of people at weddings, parties and other similar events.

4. How much does a close-up magician cost?
That’s a tough question to answer as it really depends on your requirements. Give Andi a call on 07759 645071 for an immediate, no-obligation quote and you’ll be surprised at how hiring a close-up magician is an inexpensive way of entertaining your guests.

5. How do I become a close-up magician?
If you want to learn to become a close-up magician, you’ll need to spend years mastering the art. Feel free to contact Andi as he sometimes gives magic lessons.

6. Where is Andi based?
Andi is based in Gloucester and is one of the only professional close-up magicians based in the county. He travels throughout the UK though with no extra charge to you. You may also like to consider Ben Earl if you’re looking for a Sussex magician or Noel if you’re looking for a Surrey magician. My friend Rob is a close up magician Bristol.

7. Has Andi won any magician awards?
Since a young age, Andi has won many awards as a magician. The Magic Circle awarded him Young Close-Up Magician of the Year, the Big Breakfast TV show claimed that he was “the next big thing” and a book that he wrote for magicians was nominated as the book of the year.

8. How far in advance should I hire a close-up magician?
As soon as you know the date that you’ll need a close-up magician for, we’d suggest getting in touch straight away. Popular dates book up more than a year in advance, but it’s always worth getting in touch in case of availability.

9. How did Andi become a magician?
Like most magicians, Andi got interested in becoming a magician after seeing illusionists perform big stage illusions. He eventually decided that close-up magic was the career for him.

10. How do I know that Andi is a good magician?
Andi’s qualifications speak for themselves. He has performed all over the world, has been given many awards and featured in all magician trade magazines (including on the cover of The Magic Circle’s magazine).

11. How can I be sure that a magician is right for my event?
Having performed at many different types of events, Andi is always happy to let you know whether he thinks a magician will go down well at an event.