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Andi Gladwin

Cheltenham Magician

Based near Cheltenham, Andi Gladwin is the perfect close-up magician for your Cheltenham wedding, party or event. You’ll witness miracles performed just inches for your eyes by one of the country’s leading close-up magicians.

Andi performs as a magician all over the UK, but being based near Cheltenham makes him the perfect close-up magician for any Gloucestershire or Cheltenham-based events. As many magicians charge for travel expenses, hiring a magician who is located close to your Cheltenham event is always the perfect choice.

Andi has performed in most Cheltenham venues so will arrive fully equipped and ready to perform the most amazing magic possible for your guests. Over the past few months Andi has performed at a collection of Cheltenham’s most popular venues including the Barcel√≥ Cheltenham Park Hotel, Cheltenham Pitville Pump Rooms, Cheltenham Chase Hotel, Queens Hotel (Montpellier, Cheltenham), Cheltenham Front Rooms, Cheltenham Thistle and the Hatherley Mannor Hotel as well as most other Gloucestershire venues.

Whether you’re organising a wedding, event or party in Cheltenham, professional magician in Cheltenham Andi Gladwin is always the right choice to present amazing close-up magic to your guests.

Andi is available for a select number of performances each month.

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