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Stroud Magician

I recently performed magic in Stroud for a 30th birthday party. I was the surprise element of the party and performed for a couple of hours, mingling with the guests. At several points in the evening, I had almost everyone at the party crowding around me as I performed magic for the birthday girl. It was a lot of fun!

Here’s a brief extract from an email I received from the lady that booked me:

Andi, you were wonderful at our daughter’s 30th birthday party. Truly magic – all our friends with us that evening are still talking about your great tricks, done right under their noses, you really amazed them! We will be calling on you again for our next special party. Many thanks. — Mandy Free, Stroud

The photograph below is halfway through a trick at the party, where I turn the deck of cards into a solid block of glass … whilst someone is holding it!

Stroud Magician

Corporate Entertainment Gloucester

Corporate entertainment in Gloucester is surprisingly difficult to find. For example, there are very few professional close-up magicians in the county and there are even fewer who specialise in corporate entertainment.

A browse around my website will show that I pretty much solely provide corporate entertainment, plus magic at weddings or similar parties.

I’ve provided corporate entertainment at training days, banquets, team-building events, award ceremonies, parties, PR events, office openings and more for many Gloucester companies.

So if you’re looking for corporate entertainment in Gloucester, why not try a magician?

Gloucester Magician – feedback

This week I performed for well-known Gloucester-based web hosting company, Fasthosts Internet Ltd. Their accounting team were having a teambuilding day at the Hatton Court Hotel in Gloucester and the Chief Finance Officer asked me to come along to entertain the team for an hour or so before their meal.

Here’s an email I received commenting about my performance:

“I know everyone enjoyed the event and meeting you. Everyone kept talking about the tricks and this served to open and liven up the evening. I will certainly recommend you if I know of anyone else looking for any entertainment etc. Once again, many thanks for the fun evening!
Ian Stephens, Chief Finance Officer, Fasthosts Internet Ltd
Penn & Teller: Fool Us

Over the past week, famous American magicians Penn & Teller have been secretly recording their series, Fool Us at the Fountain Studios in London. I have a number of friends who attempted to fool the duo so was invited along to the filming.

There were so many people trying to be part of the show that over 350 people each night were turned away from the audience. For those that did get in though, they got to see some excellent magic. For each show that will air, Penn & Teller will be performing one of their own illusions (including some magic that I haven’t seen them perform for a very long time). As always, Jonathan Ross was a great host and made his job look so easy! He’s a true professional and is the absolute perfect choice to host this show (BBC’s The Magicians, take note!).

The series will air on Saturday nights straight after this current run of Britain’s Got Talent ends. Some of my non-magician friends have asked about the two magicians who fooled Penn & Teller in the last show; I speak to them regularly and they’ll be going to Vegas in just a couple of weeks to perform in Penn & Teller’s show!

It’s great to see some excellent magic airing on TV. Congratulations to all involved!

Bristol, Clifton Magician

I recently performed in Clifton for a 50th birthday party. I performed at the Avon Gorge Hotel, which overlooks the great Clifton Suspension Bridge. There were about 50 people at the party, all seated around tables. I performed between the courses of the meal and had lots of fun with the attendees who were all out for a great night!

Here’s a brief extract from the email I received from the person who booked me:

“Thanks for making the party such a success: all the guests were amazed at your performance and have been talking about it ever since.” -Rick Sellers

I perform a lot in Bristol and will be returning several times over the next few weeks!

New York Magician

I’m writing this blog post from New York. I spent a week here in Manhattan working on a number of projects relating to my magic book publishing business (Vanishing Inc. Magic) with my business partner, Joshua Jay (who is a professional magician in New York City).

After the week in Manhattan, we traveled to Batavia, New York (about six hours drive from New York City) where we attended an invitation only conference for the top 200 close-up magicians in the world. It’s attended by close-up magicians from almost every continent and has very stringent conditions for which you need to meet in order to be invited. Due to this, the convention is attended by many world champion close-up magicians, expert card magicians and performers that don’t travel to many other events of this nature.

I was asked to perform for the close-up magicians (photograph below … although for some reason, I look a little camp in that photo!), where I performed a few of my favourite tricks from my DVD set for magicians.

I’m in New York City for one more day and then fly home to the UK, where I’ll have a day or two off before getting straight back to performing close-up magic.

New York Magician

Wedding Magician 2012

With the big wedding of 2011 over, it’s time to start thinking about weddings in 2012!

This past two weeks I’ve noticed a big surge in enquiries for me to perform at weddings in 2012. To some, this may seem terribly early to book a wedding magician, but it’s actually a very wise move on the bride and groom’s behalf. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Helps ensure availability – I have shows on almost all of the key wedding dates for 2011, whereas I have a lot more dates available for 2012.

2. Allows you to choose a suitable magician – If I’m not available for a date, I am always happy to recommend a good magician. However, the later you leave it, the less chance you have of getting an absolutely top-quality magician.

3. Takes the stress out of it – when my wife and I organised our wedding, we had so much to do on the weeks leading up to it, we were so glad that we had booked things like entertainment way in advance to save any last minute hassles.

With that all said, if you’re looking for a wedding magician in 2011 or 2012, please get in touch!

Magic Show Gloucester

This week I was invited to attend a magic show at the Kings Theatre, Gloucester in which my friend Tim Shoesmith was the opening act. Very few magicians put on shows of this nature, so I am very keen to support shows of this nature. I have my own Evening of Deception, which I’ve talked about here before, but other than that, there are only a handful of other independent magic shows in the UK.

It was clear that Tim and Dean (the two performers) had worked hard on producing a good show. The audience seemed to be very much enjoying it; as was I and the other close-up magicians that I went with.

It was strange returning to the the Kings Theatre as I haven’t been there since I performed an illusion show there when I was about fourteen! I performed with two female assistants (also known as “two friends from school!”) and thankfully, I don’t think I’ve performed an illusion ever since. The other performer in the show was Richard O’Brien of Crystal Maze and Rocky Horror Show fame. I don’t remember the circumstances on how all this happened, but it was fun to be involved with anyway!

As an aside, Tim reminded me that we did a radio interview together for Radio Oxford last year. You can hear the interview here.

April Show Updates

If you’ve read my last few blog posts, it probably seems as though I’ve spent more time having fun than working! So, here’s a brief update of the shows I’ve done over the past few weeks:

Gloucester Magician
I performed for a 50th birthday party at the Gloucester Irish club. There were about 150 people at the party, so I had to work extremely quickly to ensure that I got around everyone! It was a lot of fun and a good atmosphere with people from all ages at the party.

Cheltenham Magician
I returned to the Daffodil restaurant (one of my favourite places to work) to entertain at a private birthday party. The theme was 1920’s so everyone was in fancy dress (except me!) and enjoying the cocktails and food.

Bristol Magician
I performed at a wedding in Clifton, Bristol. It was a very relaxed affair with about 50 people at the wedding, giving me plenty of opportunity to ensure that everyone got to see magic over the two-hour period.

It’s been nice to work close to home these past few weeks. Tomorrow I’m working a little farther away, but given the nice weather I’m sure the drive will be lovely!

Magic for Tim Vine and friends

Last week, comedian Tim Vine was performing at the Cheltenham Town Hall. One of my friends, John Archer, is Tim’s opening act; he’s a fantastic magician and mind-reader who performs for thirty minutes before Tim comes on stage (he’s also one of the two magicians who fooled Penn & Teller on their TV show). John really is a fantastic performer and I’m pleased to be working with him on a couple of fun projects.

Tim VineJohn invited me to see the show and then to spend some time with him and Tim afterwards. Also joining us was Emma Samms (of Dynasty fame) who asked to see me perform a few tricks.To make it an even stranger experience, Craig Revel Horwood and Brian Connolly turned up later too.

The highlight of the evening, for me though, was discussing my show with Tim Vine and then him writing some jokes for me! Tim is one of the quickest comedians in the business and within a second or two of telling him about my style, he immediately came up with some great jokes specific to my magic.

It was a fun evening and I was glad to have the opportunity to perform for, and meet some great people! Tim is coming towards the end of his tour now, but if you get a chance to see it, I’d urge you to do so.