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Magicians for Haiti

Magicians are always a great help when there’s a crisis, so it goes without saying that magicians all over the world have jumped to get involved in raising money for the survivors of the Haiti earthquake.

I’ll be getting involved in two ways. Firstly, I’ll be performing close-up magic at a charity event in Cheltenham (more details soon), which will involve several other great acts all performing in aid of the Haiti survivors.

Then, next Wednesday I’ll be taking part in an online magician’s event, where I’ll be part of a line-up of well-known close-up magicians who will be teaching other close-up magicians a trick from their act. It’s set to be a great event and I’m looking forward to helping raise funds using my magic! So, if you’re a close-up magician, I hope to see you there!

My first stand-up comedy experience

When I work as a close-up magician, I always add comedy to my magic by improvising jokes based on things that people say, the environment that we’re in and the things that happen during my act. I don’t use pre-written corny jokes like many other close-up magicians, but instead try to improvise comedy based on the audience and the magic. This creates a much more personalised and unique experience for everyone; including me!

My latest challenge to myself was quite different though: stand-up comedy without magic! It has always been a goal of mine so I decided to make it happen recently. The audience reacted really well and I’m proud that I pushed myself out of my comfort zone to try it. I won’t be quitting the day job (a professional close-up magician!) but I’ll definitely be doing more stand-up comedy in the future; perhaps combining my skills as a magician with stand-up comedy.

Below are a few photos of the event:

Close-up Magician

Andi Gladwin magician

Stand up comedy

Tune in next time to see the results of my next goal: to be the third member of Jedward.

Need More Magicians?

If you’re organising a large event and need more than one magician, I am here to help!

Having worked with most of the top close-up magicians in the UK, I am always able to recommend other magicians based on my personal experience. I communicate with some of the best professional close-up magicians on a daily basis so it’s always easy for me to arrange additional magicians.

There are certain table magicians that I regularly work with because we compliment each other well. These magicians will always be my first port of call when you tell me that you need more than one magician.

So whether you need one magician, or a dozen, get in contact as I’ll always be able to help!

Wedding Magician – Hire Now!

Approximately 65% of weddings are held in the spring and summer. That means one thing … hire your wedding magician early to avoid missing out!

My weekends are filling up very quickly with couples wanting a close-up magician at their spring or summer wedding, so if you’d like a close-up magician to add to the atmosphere of your wedding, be sure to get in touch as early as possible.

If you’ve never seen a close-up magician at a wedding before, an explanation may be necessary! It’s become quite a popular form of wedding entertainment. I most often perform close-up magic during the wedding breakfast; performing for each table. Some couples prefer me to walk around the guests during the drinks reception and perform magic for small groups. Either way, it always adds to the atmosphere!

There are only a few professional close-up magicians in the country, so definitely get in contact if you’re getting married this year and want a close-up magician at your wedding!

Gloucestershire Magician

Off the back of a week where I was in Newcastle, London, Sussex and Manchester, it was nice to be able to perform as a close-up magician close to home in Gloucestershire!

Magician at Hatherley Manor, Gloucestershire

Hatherley Manor is just ten minutes from my house and is always a nice venue for a magician to perform at. In fact, this time, two close-up magicians performed there! Laithwaite Wines (a major wine merchant) contacted me through my website and wanted me to arrange for two close-up magicians to perform at their staff party.

I arranged everything within a day of them contacting me and performed at the party last week. Everyone seemed to really enjoy having magicians at the party and a couple of tables in particular invited us back to perform for them again; that’s always a good sign that a magician is doing a good job! Here’s a brief extract from an email that the organiser sent me after the party:

“A HUGE thank you for performing your amazing magic at our party. Everyone had a great time and a having a magician there really added to the event!”
Kath, Laithwaite Wines

If you’re looking for a Gloucestershire close-up magician (or in fact a magician in any county!), definitely let me know!

My Close-Up Magicians Conference

Five years ago, along with another professional magician, I launched a conference for serious close-up magicians. The Session is an annual event that attracts close-up magicians from all over the world. It’s the only event dedicated specifically to close-up magicians in the UK and has quickly become one of the most popular magician’s conferences in the magic calendar.

This year people are coming from as far afield as Canada, America, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Greece, Germany and Austria to see me and a group of other close-up magicians talk about our magic. It’s held in Gloucester and is a great way for magicians to learn magic from professional close-up magicians.

As well as hosting the conference, I’ll also be putting on an event that teaches magicians how to create their own magic, will be performing some of my own magic in a show and will also be compering a show that we’re calling Andi’s Stag Do (I’m getting married later this year). It’s the first time I’ve ever MCed a magic show and I’m looking forward to trying out some stand-up comedy without performing a single trick, for the first time ever. Hopefully it won’t be the last!

No Business Like Snow Business

Here in Gloucester we’ve been hit pretty badly by the recent snowfall. There’s still about eight inches of snow surrounding my house (think of it as a frozen moat), making it a complete nightmare to get out! The heavy snow in this area made last night’s trek to the Cotswolds to perform as a close-up magician a tough job; but I made it!

Magician in the Cotwolds

I performed magic at the launch party of a pharmaceutical company at the Four Pillars Hotel in the Cotswold Water Park, just outside of Gloucester. It was the first time I’ve performed as a close-up magician at this venue, but definitely hope to perform there again. It’s modern, nicely designed and a perfect environment for a magician to perform. The people at the party really enjoyed my magic and I had a lot of fun performing for them. It was a small event of about 60 people, which is always fun to work at.

Next week is a crazy week as I travel all around the country (Manchester, Newcastle, Sussex, London and more) — it’s unlikely that I’ll actually return home at all for about a week, starting this coming Thursday … that’s the fun life of a close-up magician!

I’ll be sure to post updates on the road. Firstly though, I have to organise a conference for magicians starting this weekend (more on that in my next post).

Magic Circle Magician

One of the questions that I get asked the most (other than “Can you make my wife disappear”) is whether I’m a member of the famous Magic Circle. The answer is: yes!

The Magic Circle is a famous magic club with only a few thousand members throughout the world. It was founded by a group of magicians in 1905 and has been going strong ever since. It is now the most famous association for magicians in the world.

Nowadays, we’re based in London (our headquarters are in Euston) where we meet to discuss and improve the art of magic. We’ve got a library that holds millions of mysteries in thousands of books that were written especially for magicians. We’ve got a museum, a theatre and my favourite place … a bar!

To join, I had to give an audition (performing in front of a group of the country’s best magicians; who unanimously voted me into the club) and give my word not to willfully disclose magic secrets other than to bona fide students of magic. To date, I’ve kept that promise.

Being a member of the Magic Circle is a way of confirming that I am a good, entertaining magician. I was even recently featured by the club and given the honour of being put on the cover of their magazine.

Hear Magic on the Radio

All this week BBC Radio Gloucestershire are doing a series on me. Tune at at approximately 9.45am to John Rockley to hear me talk about my life as a magician and hear me performing magic live on air for the presenter. You can listen live here:

For those who aren’t in the UK, I’ll try to get an MP3 put together at the end of the week-long series.

If you are visiting my website after listening to me on the radio, you might like to check out more about my magic at my close-up magician page.

Now's the Time to Hire a Magician

If you’re looking to a hire a close-up magician in 2010 for a wedding, party or event, now is the best time to do it! Close-up magicians tend to get booked up for key dates early in the year, so it’s always useful to book early to guarantee my availability. Here’s a sampling of what I’ve been hired for so far in 2010:

  • Wedding magician in Gloucester
  • Party magician in Cheltenham
  • Christmas party magician in Wales (already!)
  • Wedding magician in Bristol
  • Worcester wedding magician
  • Close-up magician for product launch in Gloucester
  • Magician for wedding in Cheltenham
  • Birmingham close-up magician for a party
  • … and many more of that nature!

Even if you’re just thinking about hiring a close-up magician for your event, get in contact today to ensure that I’ll be able to keep your date free!

I’m based in Gloucester but will travel anywhere in the country (or world for that matter!).