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Cheltenham Magician Live

Want to see me and some other fantastic magicians perform live in a cabaret magic show in Cheltenham? If so, act quickly as tickets are selling fast!

An Evening of Deception is a one-off magic show running on 28th April 2010. I’ve put on a host of my favourite magicians and we’re all performing cabaret magic in the intimate studio space at The Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham.

With only a few tickets left, it’s set to be a great show and I’m confident that tickets will sell out way before the show. See the An Evening of Deception page for more info!

Grosvenor House – London Magician

A great thing about being a close-up magician is that I get to visit some amazing venues. Grosvenor House is always a favourite and is frequently host to close-up magicians. It’s an iconic, luxury London hotel in Mayfair and I’ve performed close-up magic there a number of times and will be back there next month.

Here’s a customer testimonial from last time I performed at the hotel. It was for a glitzy charity ball featuring dozens of celebrities:

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for being involved in last night’s event, you were absolutely fabulous, I have had a lot of positive moments, congratulations on a job well done!” —YC Events

I look forward to returning to this great venue soon!

Professional Close-Up Magician

I can’t imagine how difficult it is to choose which close-up magician to hire. There are so many close-up magicians with great websites, cool photos and such that it must be a nightmare to decide on one.

Here’s a useful piece of advice (whether you hire me, or anyone else): look for a professional magician. A professional magician is someone, like myself, whose only job is to perform as a close-up magician. I don’t have to hold up a day job and fit my performances into my spare time. Instead, my sole income is from performing as a magician.

There are hundreds (possibly thousands) of great amateur magicians and if getting a magician at a very low price is your only concern, an amateur magician would be perfect. However, professional magicians often have much more performance experience and have to be consistently fantastic performers as it’s the only way they’ll pay their bills at the end of the month.

I’ll try to detail some other useful ways of how to choose a magician in future blog posts. In the mean time, I thought this blog could have some more imagery, so here goes:

Professional close-up magician

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An Evening of Deception

The Everyman Theatre in Chetenham asked me and a few magician friends to put on a magic show. So, I’d like to announce An Evening of Deception on 28th April 2010.

The show will feature four or five magicians and will be hosted in the theatre’s intimate cabaret venue. It’s a great opportunity to see some fantastic close-up magicians and mind-readers perform live in a great setting. The performers, so far are:

  • Steve Knibbs (host)
  • Myself
  • Rob James
  • Thom Peterson

We may be announcing an additional performer or two nearer the time, depending on their schedules, so stay tuned for more info!

Check out the Evening of Deception page for more details. If you want to see me perform in Cheltenham before that, you can also see me at a gig in aid of Haiti this coming Friday.

Gadget Show Exposure

Over the years television producers have felt it acceptable to expose magicians’ secrets. Normally, here’s what happens:

1. The television show exposes the secret.
2. Magicians go crazy.
3. The press pick up on it and make a big deal about it.

Whether that happens with The Gadget Show’s recent exposure of magic, time will only tell. I’m not going to go crazy because it was all a little far fetched!

If you saw the show, let me clarify that magicians don’t need to spend £40,000 to perform a card trick. Everything performed on the show can be created using genuine sleight of hand and skill.

It’s worth stating that when you hire a professional close-up magician like myself, you can be sure that you’re hiring someone funny, with fantastic presentational skills and the ability to perform genuine sleight of hand magic. Sure; those gadgets are cool; but we really don’t require them … and I hope to have the opportunity to show you that one day!

What is a Walkaround Magician?

You may have heard the phrase “walkaround magician” before. Since a client recently asked me to explain the term, I thought I’d take a moment to detail what a walkaround magician is on this blog.

A walkaround magician is any magician that “walks around” and mingles with guests at a wedding or party and performs close-up magic. This is normally during a drinks reception or at a house party before a sit-down meal where the magician approaches small groups and performs magic for them. It’s a great way for people to interact with a magician and see some amazing magic literally inches away.

The type of magic that I perform when working as a walkaround magician is slightly different to when I perform for a large banquet table. As a walkaround magician I perform amazing magic with smaller props (such as cards, coins, keys and borrowed objects). And because I’m just a few inches away from the audience, it’s perhaps the most relaxed type of magic I get to perform, which makes for a really fun experience for everyone.

A walkaround magician is a really fun way of adding to a party and creating a great talking point. I perform as a walkaround magician every week of the year, so feel free to get in contact if you need any advice or ideas from one of the country’s few professional walkaround magicians!

Haiti Gig in Cheltenham

In my Magicians For Haiti post I mentioned that I was taking part in a gig where all of the proceeds will be going to the Haiti survivors.

If you want to see a live magician (that’s me!), plus a live band (coincidentally, one of the band members is also a magician) and DJ come along to The Front Rooms in Cheltenham (on the Strand) to see me perform. Not only is this one of the rare occasions to see a magician in Cheltenham, it’s also one of the rare occasions that I will be performing at an open event (normally I perform as a wedding magician or a magician for private parties) so this is a great time to come and see me perform.

I hope to see you there. I will try to post some photos of the event on this blog for those who are interested in the event, but can’t make it!

Cheltenham Magician
3,500 magicians

This week, Blackpool is host to the world’s biggest conference of magicians. Never before have so many magicians gathered in one place. There are thousands of close-up magicians, wedding magicians, table magicians and even stage magicians and illusionists; all there to learn, share and perform magic.

Conferences like this are essentially a magician’s version of an office party. Magicians from all over the globe travel to meet up with old friends and share the tricks that they’ve been working on since they last met.

My highlight is always the close-up magician competition where about a dozen close-up magicians battle for the big prize. As a professional close-up magician myself, it’s always interesting to see other close-up magicians perform what they believe to be their strongest magic.

I’m still contactable throughout the weekend, so if you’d like to discuss hiring me to perform magic at your event, feel free to drop me an email or give me a call.

Surprise Close-Up Magician

I’ve noticed something interesting over the past few months: lots of people are hiring a close-up magician as a surprise gift.

Already this year I’ve been hired as a gift for small private parties, large dinner parties and more, where the person who was celebrating their birthday had no idea who I was until I approached their table to perform close-up magic.

Surprise magicianMost people who have hired me for such events tell me that it’s for a surprise so that I can contact them at agreed times and arrive at a specific location without the surprise being spoiled. I’ve been hired for this type of surprise enough times to ensure that the person who the gift is for never sees me until the minute I start performing.

Hiring a close-up magician to perform as a surprise gift is especially perfect for the person who has everything and for the person that you can never work out what to buy. By hiring a close-up magician you get to give an experience that they’ll never forget and that everyone at the party can enjoy. It’s like a Red Letter day without the hassle … and one that the entire family can get involved with!

Visting The Magic Circle

Today is my day off, so I’ll be paying a visit to The Magic Circle Headquarters in London. Based off a small side street just outside of Euston Station, The Magic Circle is where magicians meet up and socialise. It’s a custom built modern venue with a theatre (as shown in the photograph), a bar, a museum, a library and a room that is perfect for close-up magic.

Magic Circle magicianAttending The Magic Circle is a good opportunity for me to talk business with other close-up magicians and show them the latest tricks that I’ve invented, or been working on since we last met.

It’s a member’s only venue (for magicians only!) and you have to perform for the other magicians in order to be allowed to join. Unfortunately, I don’t get to visit too often, but am always pleased to tell people that I’m a member of the prestigious Magic Circle!