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The 9 Faces of Britain’s Got Talent

My favourite TV show, Britain’s Got Talent is back. Over the years, I’ve noticed that whether you’re watching America’s Got Talent, Sweden’s Got Talent or Uzbekistan’s Got Talent, the same personality types seem to apply on each show:

1. The Nutcase
Words can’t describe this type of act. Perhaps they’re doing animal impressions whilst standing on their head or making a musical instrument out of a teapot, but whatever they do they’re nuts … and they’ll never get through.

2. The Child Star
They can only ever sing or dance (luckily nobody has taught them to recite poetry yet) but they’re normally very good. The downside though is that they’re always ridiculously smug and they always cry at the end.

3. The Pet Act
All pet acts go wrong. The ones that don’t go wrong at the audition will eventually suffer in one of the latter shows.

4. The High School Musical Star
Muscly guy does something that he’s slightly embarrassed about (such as dancing). Normally starts with a sob story and always ends with three yeses and a comment that he’ll never get bullied again.

5. The singer
Why don’t they just enter X Factor or America’s Got Talent?!

6. The SuBo
This one’s the rarity. Every now and then you see someone who is going to be so successful that they’ll end up in therapy within a couple of weeks after the audition, sat next to SuBo talking about what it was like to come second.

7. The Family Members
There has never been a good family group and there never will be. They always make me cringe and there’s always a dad, granddad or kid that lets the team down.

8. The Irony-monger
This act is so bad it’s good. Unfortunately, they can’t ever seen the irony and therefore think that they’re a million times better than they actually are; especially when they get a standing ovation.

And most importantly …

9. The magician
These kind of talent shows are tough for magicians for many reasons. The good magicians are the ones that understand why the format doesn’t suit magic and therefore won’t enter. This unfortunately means that most magicians on such shows are terrible. Please don’t judge us all based on them, however.

I can’t wait to watch the rest of the series! I wonder whether we’ll see any close-up magicians on there?

Britain's Got Talent

Real Gloucester Magician

If you search on Google for “Gloucester Magician” you’ll be surprised to see twenty or thirty magicians advertising as Gloucester-based magicians. However, these magicians aren’t based in Gloucestershire; they simply have lots of pages on their site covering all different areas in the country allowing them to pretend to be from any part of the country.

If you’d like to hire a genuine Gloucester-based close-up magician, look no further! I am based just outside of Gloucester and regularly perform at most Gloucester and Cheltenham venues. Being a regular at such venues means that as soon as I arrive at your event, I am ready to start performing, know exactly where everything is and even have gotten to know the staff at many of the venues. This makes everything run that little bit smoother.

So look out for imitations; there’s only one professional close-up magician in this town!

An Evening of Sold Out Deceptions

My new magic show, An Evening of Deceptions has completely sold out over a month before the show. Here’s a brief photo of the extract about the show from The Everyman Theatre’s advertising:

An Evening of Deception brochure

The show will feature me and four other professional magicians performing in an intimate, modern cabaret venue. We sold almost half of the tickets the first day they went on sale and then promptly sold out of the rest.

After receiving many emails from people who missed the opportunity to see the show, I anticipate being able to put on another pub show soon. Stay tuned to the blog for more info about future shows and about how the first one goes on 28th April 2010.

Magic Circle Trip

If you are a regular reader of this blog (hello to both of you), you’ll know that I was recently featured on the cover of The Magic Circle’s journal and that I try to visit the headquarters in London as often as I can.

After attending a magicians’ conference in Southampton on Sunday (where I performed some magic from the books that I wrote for magicians), I decided to make the trip to The Magic Circle in London. A friend of mine (a professional close-up magician from Florida) who has been staying with me was performing at The Magic Circle’s headquarters so I traveled down with him for the day yesterday.

The day started by meeting a friend at a magic television production company (creators of Derren Brown’s show and many other great television shows) and getting a preview of some upcoming magic television shows. It’s always fun to be let inside the magical world of television!

We then traveled over to The Magic Circle to meet up with some close-up magicians where I performed some of the new tricks that I’ve been working on recently. The photograph on the below is a quick snap (typical blurry iPhone pic) of me on stage at The Magic Circle.

Today I met up with the team members and magicians for An Evening of Deception. Now, I can finally relax for a few days before a busy couple of weeks of shows across the country.

Magic Circle Magician
Product Launch Magician

I just saw a product advertised on television that I was involved in launching and it reminded me that I hadn’t posted about it.

The product is called Flomax, which is used to help men with urination issues. Not something I’ve experienced before, but something that I was happy to research and get behind to entertain a combination of staff, luminaries and clients at the launch party in Gloucestershire. The makers specifically asked me to include some of their marketing in my performances, which also contained several magic pieces and jokes, written especially for the occasion. Obviously with a sensitive subject of this matter, a level of decorum is needed and I’m pleased to say that was maintained during my presentation.

Product launch magicianThe guests thoroughly enjoyed the magic and I was pleased to be involved in, what I’m told is, quite a revolutionary product in the pharmaceutical world. Having a background in marketing really helps at such product launch and PR events as I’m able to work with the company to put on a great show with a little marketing spin, instead of just turning up and performing a few magic tricks. On the right is a slightly blurry iPhone pic that I snapped at the event.

If you’re holding a product launch and want a magician to entertain and provide a little marketing spin, please get in touch. I believe I’m the only professional close-up magician in the industry who has extensive marketing knowledge, making me your perfect choice for when you need a close-up magician to help launch your product!

Wedding Magician – Positive Comments

Entertaining people at weddings is one of the most enjoyable types of performance for a magician as everyone is always having such a great time. Therefore, it’s always nice to hear from brides and grooms who enjoyed my performance. Here’s one that just came in about a wedding that I performed at recently:

“We would like to thank you for the wonderful time we had after our wedding dinner thanks to the entertainment delivered by you, it was magic! Jokes aside, it was such fun and all the guests enjoyed it too. We were left baffled as to how you performed your magic. We will definitely contact you again when we have our next party! ” —Lina & Andy

I still have a few dates remaining so if you’re getting married this year, take a look at my wedding magician page for more info on how a wedding magician can make your event even more memorable.

No Wedding Too Large

A few days ago I wrote about an incredibly small wedding that I performed at. On the flip side, this weekend I performed at a much, much larger wedding.

Hosted at the very nice Woburn Sculpture Gallery (photographed below) which is set in the grounds of Woburn Abbey, just a few miles from Milton Keynes, I performed at a wedding attended by three or four hundred people. The Sculpture Gallery was a beautiful venue and a great setting for close-up magicians.

I performed alongside another professional close-up magician, a close-up pickpocket and a caricaturist. The four of us entertained at the tables, in the bar and in the other rooms at the venue. It is always a lot of fun to work alongside other entertainers and all the guests appeared to really enjoy being amazed, pick-pocketed and caricatured!

If you are having a large wedding and need other entertainers (magicians, pick-pockets, caricaturists, or anything else), I am always happy to arrange them for you; picking only the very best entertainers that I have worked with before.

As a professional close-up magician I get to attend a wedding almost once a week. It’s really great to see the different sizes and scales of a wedding and to see the impact that great entertainment can make to any event … large or small!

Magician at Woburn Sculpture Gallery

No Wedding Too Small

Last weekend I performed for just seven people at a wedding in Sutton Bonington Hall, Loughborough, proving that there really is no wedding party too small to be entertained by a magician!

Magician at Sutton Bonnington Hall Sutton Bonington Hall was a fantastic venue that is perfectly suited to a magician. The staff were fantastic and the atmosphere was perfect!

The guests gathered in the ballroom while I performed a forty-minute magic show for them all. I find that this kind of performance works best for such small groups as everyone can get involved and get a front row seat to some amazing magic! In this style of performance, I get to know everyone’s names, get everyone involved and really have fun with the group. The wedding party seemed to really enjoy the magic and they told me that everyone left the show completely amazed!

Even with just a few day’s notice, at the bride’s request, I even managed to arrange to hire a fantastic caricaturist for the wedding, who drew his fantastic caricatures after my performance. Having worked with so many other fantastic entertainers, I’m always happy to recommend performers or help hire them for clients. This is not a service I charge for; just something I like to do where requested to make things easier for wedding organisers.

The wedding was a great success and it just goes to show; there’s no wedding too small to hire a wedding magician! In my next post, I’ll talk about the other side of the coin; the wedding that I performed at last night which was somewhat larger than seven people!

Need a Magician for Multiple Events?

This past week I’ve been hired by two companies to perform at a couple of their events. One is on a series of consecutive days, while the performances for the other is a few weeks apart. There are many great reasons to hire me for more than one event at a time, but here are the most important reasons:

1. It’s a lot less hassle than dealing with multiple close-up magicians.
2. I’m normally able to offer a discount for more than one event.
3. I get to know the other people working the event, which means that things tend to run incredibly smoothly.

Even if your events are a few months apart, it’s always worth enquiring about those too so that I can reserve the dates and guarantee my availability to work all your events.

So if you need a professional close-up magician to entertain your clients, then another magician to entertain your colleagues, and another magician to perform at your trade show … why not just hire one: me!

Magic Circle Close-Up Magician Awards

Today is always a fun day in the magic calendar: The Magic Circle’s Close-Up Magician of the Year Awards. I’ll be trekking over to London in a few hours to The Magic Circle Headquarters in Euston to see ten or so close-up magicians fight it out for the title of Magic Circle Close-Up Magician of the Year.

The club arranges for around 100 non-magicians to attend the evening. Each magician performs for the non-magicians and then all The Magic Circle members watch the show on a big screen in another room. It’s always a lot of fun and there’s always great banter between the magicians.

As an organiser of a conference for close-up magicians, it’s important that I stay up to date with the trends in magic and the best magicians in the country, so this is always an important event for me.

The rest of the week is also busy with a couple of meetings and performances including a wedding at the end of the week with several other entertainers including magicians and pickpockets. I always enjoy big shows like this and it’s great fun to see other magicians perform in the same environment.