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Christmas 2010 is approaching

I’ve already seen restaurants advertising their Christmas menues and shops stocking Christmas items. These things put fear into professional magicians because it means that we’re gearing up for the busiest time of year! Most professional magicians end up working almost every day in December (sometimes even performing at more than one event) so it’s an incredibly busy time. My diary is already starting to fill up and I got my first booking for a Christmas party months ago!

How to guarantee getting a magician for your Christmas party

The answer is simple: book now! I still have free dates in my diary, as do many other professional magicians that I know. Therefore, if you get in touch now, I’ll definitely be able to help you as if I’m not available, I’ll be able to tell you some other magicians that are.

If you wait until November or December, most magicians will have already filled the key dates for Christmas parties, so it’s definitely worth acting quick!

Back from Honeymoon!

Yesterday was my first day back at work since I got back from my honeymoon a couple of days ago. I am a workaholic so after a week of ultimate relaxation, I was excited to get back to performing magic again!

My honeymoon was in the Maldives; the most magnificent place I have ever visited. Being a magician means that you get to travel a lot (I’ve been taken to places such as Las Vegas and many other American states, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and more), but I’ve never been anywhere like this! The Maldives is completely magical. The island that we stayed in was so small that you could stand in the middle and see the sea from both sides. There were 250 staff to just 50 or so guests so we got treated like absolute royalty! This is the first time that I’ve traveled to the East, but it definitely won’t be the last.

Now that I’m back, I have a busy month of performances and a long todo list to prepare for the launch of my first DVD set for magicians. The hard work starts now!

My Magical Wedding

I got married on the 28th August in a lovely hotel called Dormy House in the Cotswolds. The day went perfectly with lots of family and friends there. There were many, many magicians there including my two best man (both professional close-up magicians) and the head bridesmaid (also a professional close-up magician!) and lots of other magicians!

Entertainment wise, I flew a well-known magician from America called Chad Long to entertain at the wedding and he went down an absolute storm! Many of my friends and family haven’t had the opportunity to see a professional magician at work (given that 99% of my events are private parties) so this was a real treat for them and they loved his magic.

For wedding entertainment in the evening, I arranged for Signature, the Michael Jackson tribute from Britain’s Got Talent to perform as surprise for everyone, including my new wife! It took a lot of work to get them as they don’t do many private events, but it was definitely worth it as my wife was desperate to have them there, but thought that they weren’t available!

Here are a few photos from the day. I’ll add a few notes about my honeymoon in the Maldives tomorrow!

Magical Wedding

Magicians at Wedding


Wedding Entertainment

Cheltenham Magician and more!

This last week has been manic. Not just with my own wedding plans, but with performances at weddings and events throughout the UK. I haven’t had time to describe them all to you, so I thought I’d give a quickfire run down of a couple of memorable events:

Cheltenham Magician
I performed at a great wedding, walkaround around performing close-up magic for each table. You can check out my Cheltenham Magician page for more info for my work in this area!

Cardiff Magician
Next up, I performed at a large wedding in Cardiff. I performed for the hour and a half between the wedding breakfast and the evening do, which was the perfect time for magic at this wedding. People are gearing up for a great night and I had a lot of fun!

Hereford Magician
I performed a 45-minute show for a family who were on holiday in Hereford. The family had hired out a massive house and asked me to come along and entertain them. There were three generations of the family there, which made it fun to perform for them.

Gloucester Magician
Another wedding; this time in my hometown of Gloucester! I performed at the Hatherley Manor Hotel; a hotel that I’ve worked at a few times now. I performed close-up magic on the lawn during the photograph period. It was a really nice day and everyone seemed to be really into the wedding spirit. Check out my Gloucester Wedding Magician page for more info on my Gloucester wedding performances.

This will likely be my last post before my own wedding and my honeymoon in the Maldives. I hope you don’t miss my daily dose of SEO too much!

Derbyshire Magician

This Saturday I made my way up to Derbyshire to perform at a party for about 100 people, who filled various rooms of a really nice restaurant. Derby is a reasonable drive for me, but it was well worth it as everyone at the party was really nice and up for a good time.

Here’s a brief extract from Alicia, the lady who hired me to perform at the party:

“You went down a storm, Andi! Made the party much more enjoyable. Thank you so much for a very entertaining evening. You are wonderful entertainer!”
—Alicia Turnock, Derbyshire

Once I had finished work for the night, I was invited to stay around for some food. As I was eating a bread roll, I got caught off guard by a table who demanded an encore! Not wanting to disappoint them, I put my roll down, had someone write his name on the card and shuffled it into the deck. “It would be amazing if my card ended up in your bread roll,” the man quipped. He was right … it would be amazing. I didn’t say another word; instead I just nodded down at the roll and allowed him to pick it up and do the rest. The table went crazy, the guy wanted to keep the roll and the signed card so I left on a high … and very hungry!

Wedding Magician

I perform at weddings at least once a week and therefore, I’m pleased to take a break next Saturday as I’ll be getting married myself! I’m marrying my longtime, long suffering girlfriend Sarah who has seen me perform more card tricks that anyone else alive!

We’re getting married at the amazing Dormy House Hotel in Broadway, Worcestershire and will be surrounded by many of our friends and family from all around the world. We’ve flown a magician over from the USA to entertain our guests, which will also include fifteen or so professional close-up magicians.

Continuing the magic theme, my two best men are also professional magicians! One is flying over from New York City especially to be there. In fact, even the head bridesmaid is a professional close-up magician so we’re expecting a very magical wedding!

I’ll be reporting more on the wedding once we get back from our honeymoon in the Maldives. I won’t be posting anything the week or so after the wedding as I’ll be busy relaxing! I have someone manning my emails though, so feel free to still get in touch.

100th Blog Post

It’s hard to believe (for me!), that this is my 100th blog post about being a close-up magician. I thought it would be fun to list some of my favourite posts over the past ten or so months since I’ve been writing this blog:

I highlighted these posts in particular because lots of them have some great photos of me performing over the past year.

Thanks for reading!

Sozo Design – Cheltenham

I recently performed for Sozo Design, a Cheltenham-based web agency who were celebrating their tenth anniversary. The party was hosted in a marque in Cheltenham, where I performed walkaround magic and then magic at the tables during dinner. The attendees were a lot of fun and I really enjoyed performing for them. Given that there were a lot of business owners at the party, I received a lot of interest for me to perform at future events, which is always a nice compliment.

Here’s an extract from an email that I got today from James, the chap from Sozo who hired me:

“Thank you. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was blown away by your ability and skill. Thank you so much for coming along to the party and entertaining us.”
—James Hutt, Sozo Design, Cheltenham

And here’s a nice photo of me entertaining James and some other team members:

Cheltenham Magician
No Performance is the Same

At a recent wedding, a photographer followed me around most of the tables that I performed at and took some great photos.

At the end of the evening, I joked that he must be getting bored of my magic given that he would have seen my act about ten times that night. His response, however, interested me. He said (paraphrased as my memory isn’t perfect!), “Not at all. Every table that you’ve performed at was a different show. The people were different, so your tricks, jokes and presentations were different. The way you changed your style for the table of old people and then brought it back up for the younger crowd was extremely interesting.

The photographer has essentially picked up my main goal when performing. I don’t just run through the motions of an act, but instead try to create a unique experience every time. I don’t have scripts and I decide which tricks to perform for the audience once I get to know them. This allows me to “play” with the audience and create a unique, interesting show for everyone there!

Meeting of the Mind … Readers!

I have recently been corresponding with a legend in the magic and mind reading field. David Berglas is known as the “International Man of Mystery” and is one of the world’s leading mind readers. He was president of the Magic Circle for almost ten years and in my mind, was the key driving force behind taking the club to where it is today.

David was one of the first magicians to appear on British television with his own show Meet David Berglas in 1954 and made a name for himself with such stunts as making London stand still, making everything in a small area freeze for 30 seconds or so (including the traffic, the walkers, the bill boards and more). He caused a sensation whenever he performed on television and is a big inspiration to performers such as Derren Brown and David Blaine.

A few weeks ago, David called me to invite me to meet up with him and a few friends (including some top magicians such as Andy Nyman the co-writer and co-creator of Derren Brown’s shows). We met at what seemed like a secret location in a hidden part of Charring Cross station and spent the afternoon brainstorming ideas and reminiscing on past performances.

It was an honour to spend time with this great magician and a rare treat as David seldom meets with other magicians. He’s an inspirational performer and I look forward to meeting up with him again soon!