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A Magical 2010

I’ve just been thinking about what happened last year. It’s been by far the busiest year yet, since I’ve been a professional magician.

Here’s a brief rundown of some of the more interesting things!

  • I accidentally ended up in the audience of Rick Astley’s latest music video.
  • I got married!
  • I bumped into internet sensation, Merton playing his improv piano.
  • I performed for many charity events including for the Anthony Nolan Trust and Macmillan Cancer Support.
  • I traveled to Cyprus to perform at an event for magicians.
  • I organised a convention for close-up magicians … and hosted my own stag do there!
  • I released my first DVD set for magicians.
  • I published six books for magicians (by other close-up magicians).
  • I performed at dozens of weddings, dozens of parties and other events throughout the country.
  • I was interviewed for a BBC radio documentary about The Magic Circle.
  • I performed and co-organised The Evening of Deception at The Everyman Theatre in Cheltenham.
  • I was featured in MAGIC Magazine; the world’s largest journal for magicians.
  • I performed stand-up comedy for the first time ever!
  • I performed all over the country, clocking up 20,000 miles on my car!
  • And most importantly … I had a lot of fun!

Thanks to everyone for your support and business during 2010. This next year promises to be even better!

Cheltenham Magician – New Year’s Eve

After a very busy Christmas performing at corporate parties, it was a nice change to perform at a slower pace at the Daffodil in Cheltenham.

I’ve dined at the Daffodil several times as I live near Cheltenham. It’s a popular art deco restaurant and cocktail bar in Cheltenham, based in an 1920’s theatre (photographed below). It’s an incredible restaurant and I was honoured to be asked to perform as part of their New Year celebration.

After a meeting with the owner and events organiser, we decided that three magicians would be the perfect number to ensure that we get to see all of the guests. I picked two of my favourite close-up magicians to work with me for the evening and arranged everything for the restaurant.

We performed for a couple of hours yesterday evening and the guests seemed to really enjoy the entertainment (they also had a fun casino and a jazz band). I met some wonderful people during the evening, made some great contacts and had a lot of fun performing for everyone. I hope to return to this great restaurant to perform in the future.

Cheltenham Magician

Card Magician Hire

Some event organisers specifically want to hire a card magician. I specialise in performing and eventing card tricks and have been lucky enough to travel the world performing and teaching them to magicians. I have had over 100 of my own card tricks published in books, magazines and DVDs for other card magicians, so have a large repertoire of sleight of hand card magic.

When hired as a card magician, I only perform tricks from a genuine, unprepared deck of cards. I don’t use any secretly gimmicked decks of cards that you may have seen sold at magic shops. Everything I perform is done using pure sleight of hand, which I have practiced over the past fifteen years.

I’ve entertained groups as small as two or three, right up to a group of over a thousand people. Card magic can be entertaining, fooling, exciting and funny! Feel free to contact me using the link above to talk about my card magic and sleight of hand performances.

Card Magician

My DVD set is now out!

My first ever DVD set, The Master Pushoff is now out. It’s specifically for magicians (sorry normal people!) and teaches the sleight of hand techniques that I use at my shows. If you’ve ever seen me perform magic, either at a show or for magicians, you would have definitely seen me use the techniques that I teach on the DVD set.

The DVDs were shot earlier this year during a multi-day shoot in a studio in Newbury. I uploaded some photos to the blog a few days after the shoot, giving a brief glimpse at this very tiring filming schedule!

I won’t give any more information about the content of the DVDs as this blog is intended for my non-magician readers. If you’re a magician who happens to be reading this, you can view more info on the Master Pushoff page at Vanishing Inc. where you can also view a trailer of the DVD.

The DVD is selling extremely well and is popping up on close-up magician’s Christmas lists all over the world! So if you see magicians performing in the New Year, the may well be using techniques from my DVDs!

Bristol Magician – Clifton

It’s been a while since I posted about one of my performances so I thought I’d come out of retirement to tell you about my night performing as a magician in Bristol!

I was booked to perform at the Weston Power Christmas party through an event agency. The party was held in the historic Merchant’s Hall in Clifton, Bristol which is a lovely building near Bristol centre.

The event was lavishly themed in a Narnia style, complete with a wardrobe entrance that proceeded into a snowy room. I performed walkaround magic in the “ice room” for the eighty or so guests. It was a lot of fun to perform alongside a snow queen juggler, a fun casino and child actors wandering around acting as they were in Narnia!

I try to add a hint of the party’s theme to my performances (without going over the top) so finished my performance by turning a deck of cards into a solid block of ice! I’m no ice queen but it was certainly a fun conclusion to my performance.

Tomorrow I’ll be performing close-up magic at a wedding followed by another Christmas party. This is the start of a busy, but hopefully fun month!

MAGIC Magazine

This month I’m featured in MAGIC Magazine; the world’s largest magic journal (based in Las Vegas). I take up 12 pages, starting with a biography, detailing my background and the types of performances I do. The magazine also teaches six of the tricks that I have created and use in my performances.

MAGIC MagazineThe article covers my crossing from a career as in marketing into life as a professional magician. It’s called Digital Dexterity and discusses my work as a professional close-up magician, magic conference organiser, author, performer, publish and more!

You’ll find a small photo of the article on the left, but I hope to be able to post a download of the full article in the coming weeks.

Merton, the Improv Guy!

Meeting and performing for celebrities is quite a common thing for a close-up magician, therefore I’m not really the type to get starstruck if I see Bubble from Big Brother, or Stuart Baggs the Brand from The Apprentice.

But that all changed today! After a long flight from Las Vegas, I walked through arrivals at Gatwick to see a man in a green hoodie playing a pink piano. I immediately recognised him as the improv internet sensation, Merton! He was recording a new TV advert for T Mobile so I stayed around for a few minutes to hear his comedy songs. If it weren’t for an impatient valet driver, I’d have probably watched him for an hour or two!

Here are a couple of photos of the few minutes I spent at the airport:

How Far Will You Travel?

“How far North will you travel?” someone recently asked at a wedding. My response: “Iceland!”.

One of the reasons that it took me so long to become a professional, full-time close-up magician was that I had a fear of being sat in the car all day, every day. I quickly got used to that, however, and am now more than happy to travel wherever anyone wants to hire me. I recently bought a new car and within the first week had put 1,500 miles on the clock! It’s a lot, but it’s all part of the job.

I don’t put any hidden fees into my performances; the fee I quote is the fee that you pay so you won’t be stung with any secret travel costs. Also, you can be comfortable that I’ll arrive nice and early to get refreshed and be on top form, wherever I have to travel to.

That’s not limited to the UK either; I’ve performed in Las Vegas, Florida, Cyprus, Barbados, Portugal and more over the past couple of years. Visit my hire a magician page and we’ll talk!

Salisbury Magician

A couple of weeks ago, I traveled down to Salisbury to perform at a birthday party. I took my wife and we arrived a few hours early to explore Salisbury, which seems like a lovely place.

The party was hosted on the patio at a picturesque hotel, next to a river. It was a lovely setting for cocktails and close-up magic and I had a lot of fun performing for the fifty or so guests for a couple of hours. Kelly Brown, a fantastic photographer, was at the event and took the following photos of me:

Magician Salisbury

Close-Up Magician

Party Magician

Magician Andi Gladwin

Magician Interviews

One of the parts of my job that I enjoy the most is talking to other magicians and sharing my ideas with them. Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been interviewed by a couple of magic publications:

I recorded an hour and a half interview about my business techniques in magic. I’d post it here, but I suspect that it’s of very little interest to people looking to hire me! I’ve received a lot of positive comments about the interview and the ideas that I discuss. The other two people to be interviewed in this series so far are Paul Daniels (in between his Strictly Come Dancing work!) and Andy Nyman; Derren Brown’s producer and writer/star of the West End show, Ghost Stories.

Last week I was also interviewed for some print magazines. Firstly, the world’s largest magic magazine interviewed me for a piece later this year. I will also be featured by a British magazine early next year so stay tuned to this blog for more info on both of those things!

In other news for magicians, I’m putting the finishing touches to the book that will come with my DVD set, am finishing off my next book for publication and am currently working on a new lecture. Busy times ahead!