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Magic Circle Magician



I don’t perform at many public events. Next week, however, I’ll be performing at the world famous Magic Circle Headquarters in London. I’ll be performing my card magic act that I performed at The Magic Castle in Hollywood that involves having fifteen people pick cards and me finding every single one.

Tickets are available from the link below:

Magic Circle Magician

Teaching Magic on the Radio



Last week I was set a challenge: to teach radio presenter Manpreet Mellhi a card trick to perform on the radio!

Her show airs today, where we’ll see if she succeeded. She was a great student so I am pretty confident that she will perform the trick perfectly!

Radio Magician

Magic on the Radio

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Ross-on-Wye Magician



Last night I worked in Ross-on-Wye at an event for the managers of EDF Energy. Given that I live just outside Ross-on-Wye (and I think I am the only close-up magician who lives near Ross!), it’s always great to work near home.

The dinner was a small affair with just three tables and about thirty guests. I performed a small show lasting about twenty minutes for each table and had a lot of fun.

The event was at Parkfields Country House just outside of Ross-on-Wye. I haven’t worked there before but hope to return soon as it’s a lovely venue.

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South Cerney Magician



I recently performed for a winter ball at Duke of Gloucester Barracks, South Cerney in Gloucestershire. I recently a very positive email from the Captain who booked me. Here is a brief extract from her email:

I would like to thank you for an excellent evening of magical entertainment during our Winter Ball! I received many extremely positive comments about your performances to each table with many saying that your act was the best they have ever seen at a ball (and some of them go to a lot of Balls!). I will highly recommend you for Summer/Winter Balls we will have in the future and I will pass your details onto the next entertainments member.


Cheltenham – Superdry



This Christmas I performed two events for the Cheltenham-based clothing brand Superdry at the brand new 131 The Promenade in Cheltenham. Having performed at the opening party for the hotel, it was great to be back a week later to perform for two more evenings.

One of the Superdry photographers (Andrew Coley) took a few snaps as I was performing. I think they are really fun. Here they are:

Cheltenham Magician

Gloucestershire Close-Up Magician

The girl in the shot is reacting to me turning a deck of cards into a block of glass! If you want to see this, and much more, I am available to hire as a Magician in Cheltenham and of course, a close-up magician throughout the country!

Check out more of Andrew Coley’s great photography at


Christmas Party Magician Reflections



Just one last show today and then this year’s Christmas party magic is over! This Christmas has been my busiest yet. Here are some of the Christmas parties and events that have stood out this year:

Performing magic in the same venue three times
Cheltenham’s brand new 131 The Promenade is a beautiful new venue. I performed at their opening event and then performed two Christmas parties there for the same company. It was great to get to know the staff and become familiar with the venue.

A few repeat performances
Being asked back to perform a year later is always a great compliment. I had a few repeat performances this year, so it’s always good to show audiences the close-up magic that I have spent the last year working on!

Some great gifts
I had some amazing clients this year who gave me some great gifts, including Google’s new mobile phone and some really nice Superdry clothes that I haven’t stopped wearing!

Performing in my hometown
I live in a very small town called Newent. Therefore it is always a very pleasant surprise when I get to perform here. This Christmas I performed at two separate events in the town, which was a lovely break from the typical long drives that I do!

Performing new magic tricks
Christmas is a great time for me to work in new tricks that I have been working on throughout the year. Along with my tried-and-tested repertoire, this Christmas I have been making smoke appear from between people’s hands, making cards appear under people’s watches and performing a brand new trick with a piece of rope. The tricks have already become a popular part of my set!

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Milton Keynes Magician



Last week I performed in Milton Keynes alongside John Archer, a fantastic stand-up magician and very good friend. John performed a stage show and then after the show I performed close-up magic in the bar. Here’s what I received from the organiser of the event, shortly after:

Having never used an entertainer for our flagship organisational leadership event, I was a little nervous as to how it would be received. I need not have worried. You were not only a phenomenal magician who really did “stun and amaze,” you were also the consummate professional. I would have no hesitation in either using you again or recommending you for any kind of function.
—Liz Waby, Agilisys

Cheltenham Magician – Christmas Shows



The town that I am performing close-up magic the most in this Christmas is Cheltenham. Amongst the traditional Christmas shows, I am booked to perform close-up magic at a new hotel opening, at various army events and a couple of hotels in Cheltenham.

I live near Cheltenham (just outside of Gloucester) to performing as a close-up magician near my home is the perfect situation for me! So if you need a magician in Cheltenham for your Christmas party please let me know as I may be available to help!

And of course, this Christmas, I am performing at various Christmas parties just outside of Cheltenham too, including events in Stroud, Gloucester, Newent, Ross-on-Wye and Tewkesbury.


London Magician … and a streaker!



Last week I performed at the International Magic Festival in London. The organisers asked me to give a talk and performance on a technique that I invented for magicians called the Master Pushoff. While this was a brand new talk, I have performed at similar events all over the UK, USA and Europe, but this one was a little different to normal …

In the lecture I performed a piece that I call Five Moves in Five Minutes. The idea is that I try to teach the magicians five of my techniques in five minutes. The twist is that they are allowed to try to put me off. Normally people do this by asking questions, applauding loudly or asking me to repeat something. However, on this particular occasion someone tried really hard as he ran across the stage completely naked!

I believe I am the first magician in history to have someone streak at a lecture … and I’m weirdly proud of it!

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Fun Casino Magician Idea



I work with a small number of events companies that ask me to give them ideas for new ways to use a magician at their events. This has led to some really interesting and fun ways to me to perform as magician. Here’s an idea that I’ve recently explored to add even more fun to a fun casino:

The idea is that for a part of the event, the croupier (dealer) is secretly a magician and cheats everyone at the table! For example, one minute someone has a really bad hand, yet next minute, they have the best hand possible … all secretly because of the magician! Or, the person with just one chip left looks down to find a big pile of chips in front of them!

Having trained as a sleight of hand magician for fifteen years, I have learned the secret techniques of many gamblers and card cheats and spent years of my life practicing them. It is these techniques that I use as a dealer to make other people win without ever knowing how it happened!

So, if you want to hire me as a close-up magician for your fun casino, perhaps consider trying something different!

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