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Andi Gladwin

Hire a Close-up Magician

Hiring a close-up magician is trouble-free and easy! Here’s how things normally work:

1. Contact Andi
You can either call Andi personally, or fill in our magician contact form. This gives us all the information we need.

Due to demand, most regular clients contact Andi up to six months in advance, however it is always worth getting in touch to check availability.

2. Andi gets back to you with his recommendation
Having performed at hundreds of events just like yours, Andi will let you know how ├ča magician could best fit into your event and give you a cost for the event. It’s a flat fee with no hidden extras!

If Andi isn’t available on your chosen date, he will always recommend a magician of the same high-calibre in your price range.

3. You confirm that you’d like to hire Andi
That’s it! Confirm that you want a magician at your event and Andi will arrive, on time and perform amazing close-up magic for your guests!

How much does a close-up magician cost?
If you’ve never hired a table magician before, you probably are quite interested in costs! Professional magicians, like Andi, customise their prices based on the event to give you the best price possible. Contact Andi today to discuss your requirements and get an immediate quote, specific to your event.

Andi is available for a select number of performances each month.

Enquire about your event