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Andi Gladwin

Close-Up Magician

Chances are that your guests have seen close-up magicians like Dynamo and David Blaine on TV, but they would have likely never seen a close-up magician up close and personal.

Andi Gladwin is a skilled, funny close-up magician who has performed his unique blend of sleight-of-hand and comedy all over the world. He has performed on the world’s most expensive private yacht in Barbados to a small boating club, on a television show in Las Vegas to small village hall in Llandudno! As long as there’s an audience, Andi Gladwin’s close-up magic is a fantastic way to make your event stand out.

Here’s just a sampling of the kind of close-up magic that Andi is hired to perform night, after night:

Wedding magician
Whether it’s during the photographs, wedding breakfast or evening reception, Andi can make your special day even more amazing!

Party magician
Having a dinner, a ball or a company party? No problems; Andi is a specialist at performing close-up magic at parties like these. His magic is upbeat, modern and perfectly suited to just about any type of party you can imagine.

Table magician
A table magician is perfect for balls, meals and house parties. Andi will perform a separate show for each table, giving everyone the opportunity to see some amazing close-up magic up close and personal!

What kind of close-up magic does Andi perform?
Andi is part of a new generation of young, funny, skilled close-up magicians. His magic with a deck of cards is world-class, but he doesn’t just perform card tricks! Andi is a well-known inventor of magic tricks, so you can guarantee seeing a whole host of original miracles using cards, coins, rope, keys and many other borrowed objects.

Andi is available for a select number of performances each month.

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