Las Vegas Magician

“Have you ever performed as a magician in Las Vegas?”

That’s a question I get asked a lot. The answer is yes, I have performed in Las Vegas a number of times. Las Vegas is a mecca for magicians and one of my favourite places in the world. Even without all the fantastic magicians, it’s such a magical town and I have been there about a dozen times (sometimes for work, other times for pleasure!).

The first time I performed in Las Vegas was when I was 16 years old. I was flown over by master magician Lance Burton (a famous Las Vegas magician) to perform in his theatre for a television special. The television show has aired all over the world and was an amazing experience to film. It was my first time in America and my first time to perform for an international television show (before that I had performed on the Big Breakfast and a number of other shows, but never a show of this size and budget).

I was flown back to Las Vegas in 2004 to perform and teach my magic for over 1,000 magicians at a conference. I performed on the same stage as magicians such as Penn & Teller, David Blaine and more, which was an extremely nerve-wracking experience! Then, just last year, I was asked to perform at the conference again. After that conference, my girlfriend joined me and I proposed to her at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

So, Las Vegas is a pretty magical place for me … and an extremely fun place to perform magic in!

Bristol Magician

This past couple of weeks I’ve been a particularly busy magician working in Bristol. It’s just a quick drive down the M5 for me so performing as a close-up magician in Bristol is always a pleasure.

First, I performed at a 40th birthday party at somebody’s house just outside of Bristol, where I performed magic between the courses of their meal. I performed in a marquee (with plenty of heating!) and everyone had a great time.

Then, this week, just a mile or two from the previous Bristol performance, I performed at a golf club in Clevedon. Having not been to Clevedon since a particularly eventful cub scout camp fifteen years ago (I don’t want to talk about it), I had forgotten how nice an area it was.

Both shows went incredibly well and I received lots of interest from people who wanted me to perform at their parties in Bristol from people at both parities. For me, getting bookings after people have seen me (as opposed to searching for Bristol magicians on the internet) is the ultimate compliment!

An Evening of Sold Out Deceptions

My new magic show, An Evening of Deceptions has completely sold out over a month before the show. Here’s a brief photo of the extract about the show from The Everyman Theatre’s advertising:

An Evening of Deception brochure

The show will feature me and four other professional magicians performing in an intimate, modern cabaret venue. We sold almost half of the tickets the first day they went on sale and then promptly sold out of the rest.

After receiving many emails from people who missed the opportunity to see the show, I anticipate being able to put on another pub show soon. Stay tuned to the blog for more info about future shows and about how the first one goes on 28th April 2010.

Product Launch Magician

I just saw a product advertised on television that I was involved in launching and it reminded me that I hadn’t posted about it.

The product is called Flomax, which is used to help men with urination issues. Not something I’ve experienced before, but something that I was happy to research and get behind to entertain a combination of staff, luminaries and clients at the launch party in Gloucestershire. The makers specifically asked me to include some of their marketing in my performances, which also contained several magic pieces and jokes, written especially for the occasion. Obviously with a sensitive subject of this matter, a level of decorum is needed and I’m pleased to say that was maintained during my presentation.

Product launch magicianThe guests thoroughly enjoyed the magic and I was pleased to be involved in, what I’m told is, quite a revolutionary product in the pharmaceutical world. Having a background in marketing really helps at such product launch and PR events as I’m able to work with the company to put on a great show with a little marketing spin, instead of just turning up and performing a few magic tricks. On the right is a slightly blurry iPhone pic that I snapped at the event.

If you’re holding a product launch and want a magician to entertain and provide a little marketing spin, please get in touch. I believe I’m the only professional close-up magician in the industry who has extensive marketing knowledge, making me your perfect choice for when you need a close-up magician to help launch your product!

Cheltenham Magician Live

Want to see me and some other fantastic magicians perform live in a cabaret magic show in Cheltenham? If so, act quickly as tickets are selling fast!

An Evening of Deception is a one-off magic show running on 28th April 2010. I’ve put on a host of my favourite magicians and we’re all performing cabaret magic in the intimate studio space at The Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham.

With only a few tickets left, it’s set to be a great show and I’m confident that tickets will sell out way before the show. See the An Evening of Deception page for more info!

An Evening of Deception

The Everyman Theatre in Chetenham asked me and a few magician friends to put on a magic show. So, I’d like to announce An Evening of Deception on 28th April 2010.

The show will feature four or five magicians and will be hosted in the theatre’s intimate cabaret venue. It’s a great opportunity to see some fantastic close-up magicians and mind-readers perform live in a great setting. The performers, so far are:

  • Steve Knibbs (host)
  • Myself
  • Rob James
  • Thom Peterson

We may be announcing an additional performer or two nearer the time, depending on their schedules, so stay tuned for more info!

Check out the Evening of Deception page for more details. If you want to see me perform in Cheltenham before that, you can also see me at a gig in aid of Haiti this coming Friday.

Haiti Gig in Cheltenham

In my Magicians For Haiti post I mentioned that I was taking part in a gig where all of the proceeds will be going to the Haiti survivors.

If you want to see a live magician (that’s me!), plus a live band (coincidentally, one of the band members is also a magician) and DJ come along to The Front Rooms in Cheltenham (on the Strand) to see me perform. Not only is this one of the rare occasions to see a magician in Cheltenham, it’s also one of the rare occasions that I will be performing at an open event (normally I perform as a wedding magician or a magician for private parties) so this is a great time to come and see me perform.

I hope to see you there. I will try to post some photos of the event on this blog for those who are interested in the event, but can’t make it!

Cheltenham Magician
Gloucestershire Magician

Off the back of a week where I was in Newcastle, London, Sussex and Manchester, it was nice to be able to perform as a close-up magician close to home in Gloucestershire!

Magician at Hatherley Manor, Gloucestershire

Hatherley Manor is just ten minutes from my house and is always a nice venue for a magician to perform at. In fact, this time, two close-up magicians performed there! Laithwaite Wines (a major wine merchant) contacted me through my website and wanted me to arrange for two close-up magicians to perform at their staff party.

I arranged everything within a day of them contacting me and performed at the party last week. Everyone seemed to really enjoy having magicians at the party and a couple of tables in particular invited us back to perform for them again; that’s always a good sign that a magician is doing a good job! Here’s a brief extract from an email that the organiser sent me after the party:

“A HUGE thank you for performing your amazing magic at our party. Everyone had a great time and a having a magician there really added to the event!”
Kath, Laithwaite Wines

If you’re looking for a Gloucestershire close-up magician (or in fact a magician in any county!), definitely let me know!

My Close-Up Magicians Conference

Five years ago, along with another professional magician, I launched a conference for serious close-up magicians. The Session is an annual event that attracts close-up magicians from all over the world. It’s the only event dedicated specifically to close-up magicians in the UK and has quickly become one of the most popular magician’s conferences in the magic calendar.

This year people are coming from as far afield as Canada, America, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Greece, Germany and Austria to see me and a group of other close-up magicians talk about our magic. It’s held in Gloucester and is a great way for magicians to learn magic from professional close-up magicians.

As well as hosting the conference, I’ll also be putting on an event that teaches magicians how to create their own magic, will be performing some of my own magic in a show and will also be compering a show that we’re calling Andi’s Stag Do (I’m getting married later this year). It’s the first time I’ve ever MCed a magic show and I’m looking forward to trying out some stand-up comedy without performing a single trick, for the first time ever. Hopefully it won’t be the last!

No Business Like Snow Business

Here in Gloucester we’ve been hit pretty badly by the recent snowfall. There’s still about eight inches of snow surrounding my house (think of it as a frozen moat), making it a complete nightmare to get out! The heavy snow in this area made last night’s trek to the Cotswolds to perform as a close-up magician a tough job; but I made it!

Magician in the Cotwolds

I performed magic at the launch party of a pharmaceutical company at the Four Pillars Hotel in the Cotswold Water Park, just outside of Gloucester. It was the first time I’ve performed as a close-up magician at this venue, but definitely hope to perform there again. It’s modern, nicely designed and a perfect environment for a magician to perform. The people at the party really enjoyed my magic and I had a lot of fun performing for them. It was a small event of about 60 people, which is always fun to work at.

Next week is a crazy week as I travel all around the country (Manchester, Newcastle, Sussex, London and more) — it’s unlikely that I’ll actually return home at all for about a week, starting this coming Thursday … that’s the fun life of a close-up magician!

I’ll be sure to post updates on the road. Firstly though, I have to organise a conference for magicians starting this weekend (more on that in my next post).