Tour Schedule

Since lots of magicians seem to read this blog, I thought I’d post my lecture schedule here. These are magicians only events, so I’ll just post the name of the town. You can contact me if you need further info:

February 2012
8th February – Wolverhampton (with Joshua Jay)
9th February – Edinburgh (with Joshua Jay)
10th February – Forth Valley Magic Circle (with Joshua Jay)
11th February – Aberdeen (with Joshua Jay)
12th February – Glasgow (with Joshua Jay)
17th – 20th February – Blackpool convention (dealer stand)
22nd – 25th February – Evening of Deception, Cheltenham show
29th February – Devon Magic Circle, Torbay lecture

March 2012
15th – Reading Magic Circle lecture

April 2012
5th April – Hull
6th April – Newcastle
10th April – Leeds
11th April – Blackpool
14 – 16th – Magic convention, Denmark lecture

May 2012
3rd May – Essex
22nd May – Birmingham (British Magic Society)

There are a few more lectures planned during this period, but I am not able to announce them just yet.

Cheltenham Magician Live

I’m performing in Cheltenham a lot over the next few months. Along with a couple of private shows (one in the private room of a restaurant and another at a house party), I am performing five times at public venues in Cheltenham.

Firstly, if you’re looking for somewhere nice to go on New Year’s Eve, then come and see me and two other magicians perform close-up magic at The Daffodil; my favourite restaurant in Cheltenham. Reservations must be made in advance for this great restaurant. I’ve performed there quite a bit over the past two years and am happy to be back again.

In February, I’m performing four shows at the Everyman Theatre. I’m doing a 40-minute slot in the show, which also features Cheltenham magicians Steve Knibbs, Kerry Scorah and Bristol magician Peter Clifford. Only a few tickets remain for the show, so check out the Everyman Theatre website to secure your tickets!

Since I normally perform at private events, this is a rare opportunity to see some magic at some great venues!

Christmas Party Magician – 2011

It’s that time of year again: where all the top magicians in the UK are frantically driving up and down the motorway to get to their shows. It’s the busiest time of year so gets quite tiring, but this year I’m particularly enjoying it.

I’ve worked locally a lot over the past two weeks, which is always a nice treat. I’ve worked in the Cotswolds, Wales, Gloucester, Cheltenham, Shropshire, Ross on Wye and a few places not so near to home. I’ve worked for vets, printers, publishers, military, computer programmers and more; it’s been a varied few weeks!

While most of my dates up until December are now full, I’m still taking a few last minute bookings for the last remaining dates. If you haven’t sorted your Christmas party yet, please drop me a note in case I am available!

Christmas Party Magicians

The Christmas parties have started! It’s the busiest time of year for every close-up magician in the country.

Already this week, I’ve performed at a Christmas party at the offices of a major bank in Birmingham, traveled all the way to West Wales to perform close-up magic during the cocktail reception of a Christmas party for a publishing company and then last night I was in Shropshire performing a show for about 25 people.

A lot of companies book the entertainment (especially close-up magicians) for their party last minute. This, unfortunately, means that I’m sometimes not available to perform when asked. But if you haven’t booked your magician yet, I’m always happy to recommend other magicians in your area. I only suggest magicians that I’ve worked with and can truly recommend to ensure that they’re high quality.

With at least another 15 Christmas parties to go until the big day, you can guarantee that by the time Christmas comes, this magician has celebrated more than enough! But that said, if you need a Christmas party magician, please do get in touch!

London Magician

Last Thursday I worked in London at a party for a company who design hardware for the military. I didn’t ask too many questions as it seemed very high tech and classified! There was a photographer at the event who just emailed me a few snaps. Unfortunately, I was having a weird face day so look a little like I’m from Wallace and Gromit, but the photos show me performing a trick for one of the tables at the event.

London magician

Magician London

Worcester Magician

This weekend I was booked to perform at the Worcester Warriors Rugby Club in Worcester for a 60th birthday party. Another magician had recommended me because he wasn’t able to make it that night. It’s always nice to be recommended by magicians that I have worked with as it tells me that they enjoy what I do.

Over 110 people were at the party, which also had a disco and a Michael Buble impersonator. The Worcester Warriors Rugby Club was a really nice venue to work at; very modern with plenty of room. Here’s an email I just received from the couple who booked me:

“We and our guests thoroughly enjoyed your magic. I lost count of the number of guests who told us that you were amazing! Thank you so much and it was great to meet you.” —Dee and Malcolm, Worcester

I don’t work that much in Worcester, especially considering I live nearby, so it’s always nice to work there!

Cirencester Magician

I recently performed at a wine bar in Cirencester for a birthday party. It was a fancy dress party and the guests went all out! So much so that I felt a little underdressed in my suit!

After the party, Lucy (the lady who booked me) sent me the following note:

We’re so glad we booked you for our party. You were such a success and our friends are still talking about how great you were. You made sure he got round to everyone in the party and his tricks left us speechless wondering how you did it. A very talented magician and a lovely bloke as well!
—Lucy Loquette, Cirencester, Gloucestershire

Lucy and her husband are coming to see me in An Evening of Deception in Cheltenham next year. I’m looking forward to seeing them there.

Cheltenham Magic Show is Back!

Cheltenham’s only live magic show, “An Evening of Deception”, is back for an extended run in 2012!

BBC’s very own Steve Knibbs will be compèring as in the previous years and I’ll be performing my act in the show. It’s a combination of nerdy humour with a host of geeky magical stunts using Rubik’s Cubes, memorisation and playing cards.

The show returns to The Everyman Theatre from February 22nd-25th 2012.

Join the show’s mailing list and most importantly purchase tickets at The Everyman Theatre. Tickets have sold out in all previous years, so snap yours up early!

Cheltenham Magic Show

Lecture at The Magic Circle

Last night I lectured for about 150 members of The Magic Circle in London. In my lecture (which lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes), I teach a few of the tricks that I perform at events, demonstrate some of the techniques from my Master Pushoff DVD set and give a short talk on marketing. It’s a daunting, but extremely fun experience, being able to talk to your peers in that manner.

I received a lot of positive comments after the lecture, which makes the whole thing worth while. Much to my surprise, several very well respected professional magicians told me that they intend to use some of my tricks in their future performances. The lecture was being filmed for an upcoming live lecture DVD of mine and was also being used to consider whether I’ll be promoted to the next, secret level of The Magic Circle.

Here are a couple of photos, snapped by my friend Alan on his iPhone. I’ll hopefully be able to post some from the official photographer too.

Magic Circle MagicianPresentation at the Magic Circle
Gloucestershire Magician

This weekend, I performed at an event in Newham-on-Severn, Gloucestershire. The downside of being a Gloucestershire magician is the amount of traveling I have to do, so I love working close to home! To be able to finish a show and then be home 20 minutes later is a joy that can’t be explained in words!

Last Sunday I performed at a garden party in Newham-on-Severn, Gloucestershire. Guests were mingling in the garden and sat at tables, enjoying the buffet. Here’s a quick note that I received the next day from Chris, the organiser of the party:

Thanks for working your magic at my garden party, strolling from group to group and captivating even the most cynical of our guests. Your card tricks were stunning, and the “dice in a box” trick had everyone baffled!
—Chris Saunders, Newnham-on-Severn, Gloucester