Come Rain, Snow or Ice …

This weekend was a travel nightmare for everyone across the UK, which certainly doesn’t make things easy for a close-up magician.

First, I battled my way through the amazing Snowdonia landscape to work as a close-up magician for a Christmas party. Being high up meant that the snowstorms were strong and driving was tricky, but I still ensured that I was there on time and ready to do my duties as a magician!

Next, I battled the freezing ice through country lanes in Bristol to work as a magician for a house party and then finally to Berkshire, battling through thick fog and snow to work as a wedding magician, where the snow was well over a foot deep.

I arrived at all gigs early and mostly importantly, didn’t need to cancel any of them even though the weather was working totally against me. This, I think, is the key to being a professional magician; being completely reliable and ensuring that nothing gets in the way of me performing when I have been hired to do so!

So, if you need a reliable close-up magician in Gloucester or anywhere else in the country, feel free to get in touch any time! Come rain, snow, ice or whatever, I’ll be there whenever you need me (queue Baywatch theme tune).

Nuclear Reactions

With all the amazing and interesting places that I have performed as a close-up magician, I thought I had seen everything. However, this weekend, I performed somewhere I would have never expected: a disused nuclear power station!

The Trawsfynydd station in Gwynedd, Wales is currently being decommissioned, which can apparently take twenty or thirty years. Therefore, their team of 200 or so employees needed a couple of magicians to entertain them on their onsite for their Christmas party and along with another fantastic close-up magician, I was happy to oblige!

It was a long drive into the middle of Snowdon, but the entire audience proved to be really fun and according to the client, her team really enjoyed being entertained by close-up magicians during their meal. I guess you could say, we got nuclear reactions from the crowd!*

* This joke was not made during the show, I promise!

West Wales Magician

Last weekend I was hired to perform as a close-up magician in West Wales. As it was a large party, I arranged to perform alongside another close-up magician. The two of us performed walkaround magic during the drinks reception and then moved on to perform table magic during the meal. The party was a lot of fun and having two magicians really added to the atmosphere.

I received this unsolicited email yesterday from the client:

“Many thanks for you and James’ [the other magician] contribution to our event on Friday evening, I can honestly say you were both amazing!”
Kath Pinkham, South Hook LNG Terminal Company Ltd

Receiving positive comments of this nature, makes me happy that I did a good job. So, if you need a close-up magician for your event or party, get in touch!

Christmas Party Magician Update

The Christmas parties are still going strong and we’re well into the middle of the busiest month of the year for a magician. This week, I’ve been all over the country performing magic at corporate events and Christmas parties and the next couple of weeks will involve just as much traveling!

At these kind of Christmas parties, most of the attendees are normally very “merry” and up for a good time so close-up magicians tend to go down very well. I normally perform magic between the courses of a sit-down meal or perform walkaround magic during a drinks reception.

I thought January would be a good time to rest, but I’m now starting to get a lot of bookings for people who require a close-up magician for the start of the year. That’s not a complaint though; being a close-up magician is the job I love and I’m looking forward to being busier than ever in 2010!

Magician for Radio Show

One of the most important things of being a magician is to personalise your magic to your audience and situation. That’s something that only an experienced magician can do well and I believe that it really sets us out from the crowd.

With over fifteen years experience as a magician, I thought that I had experienced every situation. That recently changed though, when I got a call from the BBC to ask me to appear on the radio performing magic. As magic is such a visual art, that’s always a difficult thing to do but I always accept a challenge!

Over the past few weeks, I have been developing some brand new magic tricks to perform over the air. We record the series next week and I’m excited to be one of the few magicians in history to perform magic over the radio!

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