Birmingham Magician

A couple of months I performed close-up magic for a wedding in Edgebaston, Birmingham. The downside of being a professional close-up magician is spending hours in the car each day, but the great thing with working in Birmingham is that it’s only about an hour from my house!

At this wedding, I performed for an hour and half, around the eight tables. I remember a particularly great reaction from one table, who burst into applause when I made a signed playing card vanish from a lady’s hand and appear inside my wallet. Here’s a photo from the wedding in Birmingham:

Birmingham Magician

Gloucester Wedding Magician Photos

I recently performed at a wedding at Kingscotte Barn, Tetbury, which is just outside of Gloucester. The wedding photographer Matt Davis managed to snap some excellent shots, which he just sent to me. I’ve included three of my favourites below.

Your eyes will likely be automatically drawn to the lady on the right, who looks absolutely stunned as I make a deck of cards vanish from between her hands. The photos show the action unfolding:

Gloucestershire Magician

Gloucester Wedding Magician

Gloucester Magician

Wedding Magician 2012

With the big wedding of 2011 over, it’s time to start thinking about weddings in 2012!

This past two weeks I’ve noticed a big surge in enquiries for me to perform at weddings in 2012. To some, this may seem terribly early to book a wedding magician, but it’s actually a very wise move on the bride and groom’s behalf. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Helps ensure availability – I have shows on almost all of the key wedding dates for 2011, whereas I have a lot more dates available for 2012.

2. Allows you to choose a suitable magician – If I’m not available for a date, I am always happy to recommend a good magician. However, the later you leave it, the less chance you have of getting an absolutely top-quality magician.

3. Takes the stress out of it – when my wife and I organised our wedding, we had so much to do on the weeks leading up to it, we were so glad that we had booked things like entertainment way in advance to save any last minute hassles.

With that all said, if you’re looking for a wedding magician in 2011 or 2012, please get in touch!

Cheltenham Magician

Yesterday I performed at a wedding in Cheltenham. It’s always nice to perform locally (I live in Gloucester; just a few minutes from Cheltenham) and it’s nice to perform in a venue that I’ve been to before. I worked at the Pittville Pump Room, a well known Cheltenham wedding and function venue.

I was asked to perform at this wedding after a performance I did for Sozo Design in Cheltenham. It’s a great pleasure when someone sees me perform and immediately asks me to be part of their event and that’s exactly what happened here!

I performed magic during the wedding breakfast, taking about two hours to perform for the ten tables. Everyone was a lot of fun and I noticed a couple of people from the Sozo party, so it was great to see some familiar faces … I have a separate performance set for people I’ve met before, so I was well prepared to show them something different from the last party!

Tonight I’m working locally again; performing in Hereford. More on that later!

Cheltenham Magician
Wedding Magician

I perform at weddings at least once a week and therefore, I’m pleased to take a break next Saturday as I’ll be getting married myself! I’m marrying my longtime, long suffering girlfriend Sarah who has seen me perform more card tricks that anyone else alive!

We’re getting married at the amazing Dormy House Hotel in Broadway, Worcestershire and will be surrounded by many of our friends and family from all around the world. We’ve flown a magician over from the USA to entertain our guests, which will also include fifteen or so professional close-up magicians.

Continuing the magic theme, my two best men are also professional magicians! One is flying over from New York City especially to be there. In fact, even the head bridesmaid is a professional close-up magician so we’re expecting a very magical wedding!

I’ll be reporting more on the wedding once we get back from our honeymoon in the Maldives. I won’t be posting anything the week or so after the wedding as I’ll be busy relaxing! I have someone manning my emails though, so feel free to still get in touch.

Wedding Entertainment Page

A lot of brides and grooms that I talk to often tell me that they hired me to perform at their wedding as they wanted different wedding entertainment to the norm. They didn’t just want a disco; instead they wanted something that stood out from the crowd and something that everyone would remember.

With that in mind, I put together a wedding entertainment page to describe why adding a magician to your wedding is such a great idea. I’m biased, of course, but truly believe that a close-up magician is the best wedding entertainment possible!

Wedding Magician in the UK

Something that you may not realise is that hiring wedding magicians is very much a British thing. Whereas a large number of couples hire a magician for weddings in the UK, the rest of the world haven’t caught on yet.

I have magician friends in many countries across the world and they tell me that it is extremely rare to hire a magician for your wedding in their countries. I did a little research on this and found that people in Canada, Australia and Japan sometimes hire wedding magicians but nothing compared to what we have in the UK.

In fact, after a little number crunching I found that more people in the UK search Google for “wedding magician” than the rest of the world put together … by a long way! In fact, roughly 88% of all people that look for a wedding magician online are from the UK.

So if you’re organising a typically British wedding and are looking for wedding entertainment ideas, why not try a wedding magician like me!

Blend in with the Crowd

A lot of brides for weddings, ask that I “blend in with the crowd” and don’t “make myself stand out too much” (quotes from a bride I spoke to just a few days ago).

When performing close-up magic, this is the exact approach I take. In fact, the only time people will become aware that I’m not just a guest at the event is when I approach their table and start to perform (or when they hear the reactions of me performing at another table). I’m not one of those tacky magicians who has crazy hair or wears weird clothes … or most annoyingly speaks with a loud squeaky voice! I wear a nice suit, perform modern close-up magic and try to blend in with the crowd.

I’m a professional, confident contemporary close-up magician. I treat magic and sleight of hand as a serious entertainment form, practice my art for hours each day and am proud that I get to travel around the world doing what I love. If that’s what you’re looking for, then feel free to hire me as your wedding magician!

Wedding Magician – Positive Comments

Entertaining people at weddings is one of the most enjoyable types of performance for a magician as everyone is always having such a great time. Therefore, it’s always nice to hear from brides and grooms who enjoyed my performance. Here’s one that just came in about a wedding that I performed at recently:

“We would like to thank you for the wonderful time we had after our wedding dinner thanks to the entertainment delivered by you, it was magic! Jokes aside, it was such fun and all the guests enjoyed it too. We were left baffled as to how you performed your magic. We will definitely contact you again when we have our next party! ” —Lina & Andy

I still have a few dates remaining so if you’re getting married this year, take a look at my wedding magician page for more info on how a wedding magician can make your event even more memorable.

No Wedding Too Large

A few days ago I wrote about an incredibly small wedding that I performed at. On the flip side, this weekend I performed at a much, much larger wedding.

Hosted at the very nice Woburn Sculpture Gallery (photographed below) which is set in the grounds of Woburn Abbey, just a few miles from Milton Keynes, I performed at a wedding attended by three or four hundred people. The Sculpture Gallery was a beautiful venue and a great setting for close-up magicians.

I performed alongside another professional close-up magician, a close-up pickpocket and a caricaturist. The four of us entertained at the tables, in the bar and in the other rooms at the venue. It is always a lot of fun to work alongside other entertainers and all the guests appeared to really enjoy being amazed, pick-pocketed and caricatured!

If you are having a large wedding and need other entertainers (magicians, pick-pockets, caricaturists, or anything else), I am always happy to arrange them for you; picking only the very best entertainers that I have worked with before.

As a professional close-up magician I get to attend a wedding almost once a week. It’s really great to see the different sizes and scales of a wedding and to see the impact that great entertainment can make to any event … large or small!

Magician at Woburn Sculpture Gallery