My Magical Best Man’s Speech

What happens when you are asked to be best man at another magician’s wedding? You make the speech as magical as possible, of course! Here’s my speech, where I make up the speech on the spot using a genuinely shuffled deck from the groom:

Christmas Party Magician Reflections

Just one last show today and then this year’s Christmas party magic is over! This Christmas has been my busiest yet. Here are some of the Christmas parties and events that have stood out this year:

Performing magic in the same venue three times
Cheltenham’s brand new 131 The Promenade is a beautiful new venue. I performed at their opening event and then performed two Christmas parties there for the same company. It was great to get to know the staff and become familiar with the venue.

A few repeat performances
Being asked back to perform a year later is always a great compliment. I had a few repeat performances this year, so it’s always good to show audiences the close-up magic that I have spent the last year working on!

Some great gifts
I had some amazing clients this year who gave me some great gifts, including Google’s new mobile phone and some really nice Superdry clothes that I haven’t stopped wearing!

Performing in my hometown
I live in a very small town called Newent. Therefore it is always a very pleasant surprise when I get to perform here. This Christmas I performed at two separate events in the town, which was a lovely break from the typical long drives that I do!

Performing new magic tricks
Christmas is a great time for me to work in new tricks that I have been working on throughout the year. Along with my tried-and-tested repertoire, this Christmas I have been making smoke appear from between people’s hands, making cards appear under people’s watches and performing a brand new trick with a piece of rope. The tricks have already become a popular part of my set!

Back from Portugal

I spent the last week in Portugal with two magician friends: Joshua Jay and Luis De Matos. We were in the city of Coimbra; a university down that has an annual street magic festival organised by Luis.

Luis is often referred to as the “Portuguese David Copperfield” and I would have to agree with that. He’s a slick performer (he was the star of The Magicians BBC1 series last year) and a very smart magician.

During the week we worked on a DVD project for Joshua Jay that I helped produce. Joshua is a well-known close-up magician from New York and my closest friend. We filmed his full evening show and twenty close-up tricks using Luis’ television crew. It was a lot of fun to be involved with and I look forward to seeing the finished product!

Street magic festival

Genii Magic Magazine Column

Genii magic magazine

Things have been so hectic over the past few months that I haven’t had time to update my blog. Well, as always, I’ll try to do better!

I haven’t stopped writing, however. For the past few months I have been writing a column for the largest circulation magician’s magazine in the world: Genii magazine. The Magicana column was started in November 1964 by legend magician Charlie Miller and hasn’t missed a month since. Over the years several high profile magicians have written the column and now it is my turn.

In the column I teach tricks from magicians from all around the world. The first few columns I have taught magic by Doug Conn, Jack Carpenter and more. I look forward to being part of the history of Magicana!

Magic Circle Award

I am proud to report that last night, I was given The John Nevil Maskelyne Literary Award by The Magic Circle. The prize was given at The Magic Circle’s award ceremony in their headquarters in Euston, London last night. The official description of the award is that it is “given for noteworthy contributions by a member or non member of The Magic Circle to the art or literature of magic.”

Other award winners last night included Paul Daniels and Derren Brown, so it was a great honour to be awarded alongside them.

Magic Circle award winning magician

Magic World Championships

A few days after appearing at The Magic Castle, I traveled straight to the UK’s own Las Vegas … Blackpool! It was the world championships of magic; an event called FISM. Much like the Olympics, it is held every four years and countries bid on where it will be each year.

This year it was Blackpool! Hundreds of acts compete for the Grant Prix award, which has been won over the years by some very famous magicians (such as Lance Burton, who starred in his own Las Vegas show for many years).

The standard this year was exceptional. The winning stage act brought many people to tears at just how good it was. I watched it twice in the same day and could have watched it a dozen times more! It was an incredible atmosphere and I can’t wait for the next one, which will be held in Italy. Who knows where magic will be in four years!

Back from a tour!

I’ve spent the past few weeks on the road. I’ve traveled throughout the north of the UK, including Hull, Newcastle, Leeds, Blackpool and more to give a show/lecture for magic clubs around the country. My lecture is my way of sharing my magic with other magicians. First I perform a few of the tricks that I’ve created and then teach them. While it’s a “lecture” I try to treat the whole event as a show and make it fun and entertaining.

Immediately after the tour, I traveled to Denmark to lecture and perform at a magic conference in Copenhagen. I performed in the stage show (for about 200 people) and then the next day gave my full lecture to the magicians in attendance.

I’m now back home, ready to perform magic for non-magicians … I just hope I don’t accidentally start explaining the tricks, since I’ve got used to it over the past few weeks!

Help, My Supply Teacher is Magic!

If you’re like me and watch a lot of children’s television, you may have seen the new CBBC hit, “Help, My Supply Teacher is Magic!” It’s a great new, thirteen part series where four magicians pose as supply teachers to amaze school children around the country.

Help, My Supply Teacher is Magic!That show is one of the reasons why I haven’t been blogging much. Not because I’ve been too busy watching it, but because I’ve been busy working on it!

Over the past year, I’ve been working with Objective Productions (the same team that make The Real Hustle, Derren Brown’s shows and The Cube) to design the magic for this great kids TV show. My behind the scenes work included coming up with several hundred ideas for tricks, then creating and building them, as well as working with the magicians to ensure that the magic looked great on camera.

It’s hopefully the first show of many that I’ll be working on as magic consultant. A few other similar projects are already underway, but as the TV world is so secretive, I can’t say any more until they air!

The shows air every Tuesday afternoon on the CBBC channel for the next ten weeks.

The Inner Magic Circle

I was recently voted in by the committee of The Magic Circle as an “Associate of The Magic Circle with Silver Star.” That’s quite a mouthful, but also quite a compliment. I’ll break down what it means:

The Inner Magic CircleThere are several levels of The Magic Circle. While most members stay at the default level, a few are granted access to the “Inner Magic Circle“. This can only be achieved through excellence in performance or for doing something very good for the club, or magic in general. The silver star aspect is because I received the award for my performance.

I became an Associate of The Inner Magic Circle for the lecture that I gave at the club last month. It was a lovely surprise and I’m honoured to have been granted it.

Given that there are only very few young magicians with this accolade, I am both very proud and honoured to have received it.

Review of my DVD

I released my DVD set for magicians last year. It’s called The Master Pushoff and on it, for the first time, I teach my secret sleight of hand technique. Since this is a blog for the public, I won’t explain what it is, but I would like to post a couple of snippets from two of the many positive reviews it received:

For my money, this is the new ‘must have’ DVD if you want to perform elegant, powerful card magic. I’d put this up there with all the classics, and I recommend it to anyone interested in improving their card magic! —Joe Diamond
The Master Pushoff is more than just another disc of card magic. It’s a great teaching tool that covers a surprisingly wide range of techniques, it’s thoughtfully produced and credited, and it offers a lot of long-term value. I sincerely hope it will serve as a model for other magicians who turn to DVD as a teaching medium; it’s miles ahead of the pack in many important ways. —Gordon Meyer