The Next Great Magician: Man in Balloon

The Next Great Magician is a new ITV 1 show featuring magicians from all over the world performing their best trick in front of a live studio audience. When they asked me to be part of the show, I knew I had to do something to stand out. So I decided to perform my “man in a balloon” act where I perform a trick from inside a large red balloon! Sound crazy? It kind of is.

On the show I perform a trick alongside Rochelle Humes from The Saturdays. Although, as you’ll see on the show, she had no idea what was about to happen!

The Next Great Magician: Andi Gladwin

The show is produced by the genius that is Andrew O’Connor with the current great magician Derren Brown!

The Next Great Magician starts on ITV 1 Sunday 6th November. My show is the second in the season and airs on 13th November, 7pm. You can also see me on the trailers for the show, advertised on ITV 1 and 2 throughout November and December. See my Magician in Balloon page for more info about how to hire this act.

Teaching Magic on the Radio

Last week I was set a challenge: to teach radio presenter Manpreet Mellhi a card trick to perform on the radio!

Her show airs today, where we’ll see if she succeeded. She was a great student so I am pretty confident that she will perform the trick perfectly!

Radio Magician
Magic on the Radio
Featured in Cotswold Life Magazine

Cotswold Life is a high-end, thick glossy magazine that often features the rich and the famous from the Cotswolds, usually focusing around their lavish parties or lush homes. Since I don’t fall into any of those categories, it was a nice surprise to be asked to be interviewed about a piece they were running on the resurgence of magic. It runs in this month’s issue.

Cotswold Life magazineAccording to the article written by BBC news reporter Steve Knibbs, I am “flying the flag for Gloucestershire magic.” This, they say, is down to the magicians conference that I organise in Cheltenham (which, last year was attended by people from ten countries), my performances in the area and my involvement with The Evening of Deception; a magic show that I help put on in Cheltenham.

It’s certainly nice to be featured in such a nice magazine. The text of the article can be found on their website.

I’ll close this blog post with a quote that they ran from me. It sums up exactly what I think about the state of magic at the moment: “Magic is quickly starting to evolve again; the more people we have to take it forward the better it can be. If we keep the right performers at our forefront like Derren Brown, Penn & Teller and so on, then magic could once again become an extremely credible form of entertainment.”

MagicSeen Cover Boy

MagicSeen is the UK’s only independent, monthly glossy magic magazine (available for order in many bookshops throughout the country). This month they featured me on the cover of the magazine. Here’s an extract from their introduction about me:

“We’ve been waiting for something positive to happen in UK magic for quite a while now. At MagicSeen, we’ve featured a few up-and-coming performers who we hope will go on to find success, but at 27 years old, Andi Gladwin has already made a massive impact with his original magic.”

They also gave my instructional DVD a glowing review in the same issue. Here are a few pages form the magazine:

Magician in MagicSeen

MAGIC Magazine

This month I’m featured in MAGIC Magazine; the world’s largest magic journal (based in Las Vegas). I take up 12 pages, starting with a biography, detailing my background and the types of performances I do. The magazine also teaches six of the tricks that I have created and use in my performances.

MAGIC MagazineThe article covers my crossing from a career as in marketing into life as a professional magician. It’s called Digital Dexterity and discusses my work as a professional close-up magician, magic conference organiser, author, performer, publish and more!

You’ll find a small photo of the article on the left, but I hope to be able to post a download of the full article in the coming weeks.

Magic: The Complete Course

If you go down to the bookstore today, you’ll sure have a big surprise.

Magic: The Complete CourseActually, you probably won’t, but I felt like it was a nice introduction to this blog post. If you do go to any major bookstore though, check out Magic: The Complete Course by Joshua Jay. It’s one of the biggest selling magic books of all time and features, amongst other magicians … me! The author published a short biography of me (calling me a “modern master”), alongside magicians such as David Blaine, David Copperfield and a couple of well known magicians. It’s obvious that I have no place alongside those great magicians, but I’m certainly very proud to be featured!

You can learn a trick of mine in the book where you are able to correctly predict somebody’s favourite subject from their schooldays … while talking to them over the phone! It’s a fun trick to perform and over the past year, I’ve met several people at gigs that have performed the trick, which is always a great compliment.

If you don’t speak English (which I assume you do, if you can read this!), the book will also shortly be available in French, Russian and Chinese!

Oxford Magician – Radio Interview

This morning BBC Radio Oxfordshire were celebrating The Magic Circle’s 105th anniversary and invited me to go on air and talk about magic and The Magic Circle.

I’ve been a member of The Magic Circle for a couple of years and so, I enjoyed taking part in the interview live on air. You can listen to the ten-minute interview with me and magician Tim Shoesmith here:

Play Magic Circle Magician radio interview

Magic Circle's Featured Magician

One of the ways that The Magic Circle communicates with magicians is through a trade magazine. For the December issue, I was honoured with the massive compliment of being the featured magician on the cover of the magazine:

Magic Circle Magician

Being featured by The Magic Circle in this manner is a big thing for my career. At twenty-six years old, I’m one of the youngest magicians to ever be featured by the famous Magic Circle so this really means a lot to me. Inside the magazine is a long article and interview on me detailing my career as a magician and how I got involved in magic.

So thank you to The Magic Circle!