Magician Hire

If you’ve never hired a magician before, you might want to know how it all works. It’s incredibly simple. Here’s the process that I normally follow when someone hires me to perform magic at their event:

  1. You make an enquiry through my website, or on the phone.
  2. I provide a price, plus a few details of how I would perform at your event.
  3. Should you wish to go ahead, I’ll send you my booking form, which asks for a few more details.
  4. We then arrange for payment, which can either be before the event, or on the day.
  5. I contact you a week or so before the event to reconfirm the details. If I’m performing at a company event, tradeshow or product launch, before that time I will have been learning about your company or product.
  6. I arrive at the event (early, of course!), meet with you and then start performing magic for your guests when you’re ready.

It’s surprisingly easy and each stage normally just takes a couple of minutes of your time. So if you were concerned about the length of time it takes to hire a magician, you needn’t worry!
Corporate Entertainment – Christmas Parties

It’s that time of year again; the time that companies are looking for some corporate entertainment for their Christmas parties. While many companies don’t start organising their entertainment until later in the year, many start as early as possible to ensure that they get first choice of a corporate entertainer.

I’ve performed magic at many, many Christmas parties for companies all over the country, covering every industry imaginable. That includes web designers, house builders, accountants, lawyers, auctioneers; and the best part is that I get asked to return to many of them year after year.

Therefore, if you’d like to organise some creative, original corporate entertainment for your Christmas party this year, I suggest getting in touch as early as possible to ensure that I am available. Last year I wrote a post with many corporate entertainment ideas, which may be of interest.

So while it seems as though Christmas is miles away, if you need corporate entertainment for your Christmas party, I’d suggest getting in touch as soon as possible!

Magician Recommendation

I like to ask clients where they heard about me. A lot of people say that they saw my website while looking for wedding entertainment ideas or for a sleight-of-hand magician, but an increasing (yet very positive!) trend is that people tell me I’ve been recommended by another magician who has seen me perform before.

Sometimes, when another magician isn’t available for some reason they recommend someone else and now-a-days that’s happening more and more. I’m very honoured and grateful that so many magicians who have seen me work are happy to recommend me to their clients and hope that this is a positive reflection of my past performances.

In turn, if I’m not available, I am also happy to recommend another magician to help ensure that you hire a great close-up magician.

Corporate Entertainment Gloucester

Corporate entertainment in Gloucester is surprisingly difficult to find. For example, there are very few professional close-up magicians in the county and there are even fewer who specialise in corporate entertainment.

A browse around my website will show that I pretty much solely provide corporate entertainment, plus magic at weddings or similar parties.

I’ve provided corporate entertainment at training days, banquets, team-building events, award ceremonies, parties, PR events, office openings and more for many Gloucester companies.

So if you’re looking for corporate entertainment in Gloucester, why not try a magician?

Gloucester Magician

I am one of the only professional close-up magicians in the Gloucester area. There are a few magicians that you’ll come across on Google that claim to be a Gloucester magician but not actually be from this area, or even worse, claim to be a professional magician when actually they just do it for a bit of money on the side.

Over the past few months alone, I have performed in most of the major Gloucester wedding, conference and party venues and am frequently asked back to entertain at various parties in the area. I have a few pages on my website and on this blog that highlight my performances as a Gloucester magician and list the various venues that I have performed at over the years.

If you’re hiring a magician in Gloucester, whether it’s me, or someone else, be sure to check their credentials to ensure that they’re a professional and that they do actually live in the area instead of just tricking Google into thinking they do!

Are Magicians Tacky? Not Me!

We’ve all seen a tacky magician who turns up at a gig with crazy hair, an overly bright suit and a squeaky voice. He normally does magic tricks using dusty old props that you remember seeing when you were a kid or performs tricks and uses weird scripted patter. While they have the best intentions, it’s unfortunate that this type of magician tends to become what people see as the stereotypical magician.

However, as part of a small collection of young, modern close-up magicians, I’d like to confirm that I’m not like those tacky, stereotypical magicians. In fact, a comment that I often get from repeat clients is that they rehire me because I’m not a tacky magician, but instead, I’m professional, fun and most importantly … a normal, likable guy!

So if you saw that wedding magician on Living TV’s Four Weddings program (the one with the rabbit and bad hair), or have bad memories of magicians pulling rabbits out of hats, I urge you to give us another chance. If you pick the right magician, I promise you’ll experience something amazing, fun and completely different to those stereotypical magicians! I think Penn & Teller’s “Fool Us” television show last Friday night went a long way to showing that magic can be contemporary, fun and cool.

Magician Gloucestershire

Over the next couple of weeks, I’m performing quite a lot in Gloucestershire. Having traveled all over the country these last couple of weeks, it’s nice to stay close to home.

While I am happy to travel anywhere, it’s always nice to perform magic in Gloucestershire. Here are a few of the venues I’ve performed at recently:

  • Cheltenham Chase Hotel
  • Pitville Pump Rooms
  • Hatherley Manor
  • Royal Agricultural College
  • The Barn at Berkeley
  • Bowden Hall
  • Thistle Cheltenham
  • D-Fly, Cheltenham
  • Clearwell Castle
  • Manor by the Lake
  • Hilton Puckrup Hall
  • Prince of Wales Hotel, Berkeley
  • And many, many more Gloucestershire venues

I’m one of just a few professional Gloucestershire magicians and would love to perform at your next event!

Card Magician Hire

Some event organisers specifically want to hire a card magician. I specialise in performing and eventing card tricks and have been lucky enough to travel the world performing and teaching them to magicians. I have had over 100 of my own card tricks published in books, magazines and DVDs for other card magicians, so have a large repertoire of sleight of hand card magic.

When hired as a card magician, I only perform tricks from a genuine, unprepared deck of cards. I don’t use any secretly gimmicked decks of cards that you may have seen sold at magic shops. Everything I perform is done using pure sleight of hand, which I have practiced over the past fifteen years.

I’ve entertained groups as small as two or three, right up to a group of over a thousand people. Card magic can be entertaining, fooling, exciting and funny! Feel free to contact me using the link above to talk about my card magic and sleight of hand performances.

Card Magician

How Far Will You Travel?

“How far North will you travel?” someone recently asked at a wedding. My response: “Iceland!”.

One of the reasons that it took me so long to become a professional, full-time close-up magician was that I had a fear of being sat in the car all day, every day. I quickly got used to that, however, and am now more than happy to travel wherever anyone wants to hire me. I recently bought a new car and within the first week had put 1,500 miles on the clock! It’s a lot, but it’s all part of the job.

I don’t put any hidden fees into my performances; the fee I quote is the fee that you pay so you won’t be stung with any secret travel costs. Also, you can be comfortable that I’ll arrive nice and early to get refreshed and be on top form, wherever I have to travel to.

That’s not limited to the UK either; I’ve performed in Las Vegas, Florida, Cyprus, Barbados, Portugal and more over the past couple of years. Visit my hire a magician page and we’ll talk!

Christmas 2010 is approaching

I’ve already seen restaurants advertising their Christmas menues and shops stocking Christmas items. These things put fear into professional magicians because it means that we’re gearing up for the busiest time of year! Most professional magicians end up working almost every day in December (sometimes even performing at more than one event) so it’s an incredibly busy time. My diary is already starting to fill up and I got my first booking for a Christmas party months ago!

How to guarantee getting a magician for your Christmas party

The answer is simple: book now! I still have free dates in my diary, as do many other professional magicians that I know. Therefore, if you get in touch now, I’ll definitely be able to help you as if I’m not available, I’ll be able to tell you some other magicians that are.

If you wait until November or December, most magicians will have already filled the key dates for Christmas parties, so it’s definitely worth acting quick!