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London Magician … and a streaker!

Last week I performed at the International Magic Festival in London. The organisers asked me to give a talk and performance on a technique that I invented for magicians called the Master Pushoff. While this was a brand new talk, I have performed at similar events all over the UK, USA and Europe, but this one was a little different to normal …

In the lecture I performed a piece that I call Five Moves in Five Minutes. The idea is that I try to teach the magicians five of my techniques in five minutes. The twist is that they are allowed to try to put me off. Normally people do this by asking questions, applauding loudly or asking me to repeat something. However, on this particular occasion someone tried really hard as he ran across the stage completely naked!

I believe I am the first magician in history to have someone streak at a lecture … and I’m weirdly proud of it!