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Fun Casino Magician Idea

I work with a small number of events companies that ask me to give them ideas for new ways to use a magician at their events. This has led to some really interesting and fun ways to me to perform as magician. Here’s an idea that I’ve recently explored to add even more fun to a fun casino:

The idea is that for a part of the event, the croupier (dealer) is secretly a magician and cheats everyone at the table! For example, one minute someone has a really bad hand, yet next minute, they have the best hand possible … all secretly because of the magician! Or, the person with just one chip left looks down to find a big pile of chips in front of them!

Having trained as a sleight of hand magician for fifteen years, I have learned the secret techniques of many gamblers and card cheats and spent years of my life practicing them. It is these techniques that I use as a dealer to make other people win without ever knowing how it happened!

So, if you want to hire me as a close-up magician for your fun casino, perhaps consider trying something different!