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What Type of Magician?

If you’ve never hired a magician before, you’d be forgiven for wondering what all the different types of magician are. Here’s a basic rundown:

Close-up Magician: A magician who performs magic with cards, coins and borrowed objects from just a few feet away.

Table Magician: A magician who performs close-up magic at your table between the courses of a meal.

Walkaround Magician: A magician who mingles with your guests, for example at a cocktail reception or garden party.

Street Magician: Not someone you’d normally hire, but the type of magician who performs close-up magic on the street. There are two types of street magicians: the ones that attract massive crowds (and normally work for tips) and the type that approach small groups at a time. The latter are essentially performing walkaround magic but instead of doing it for a cocktail reception, they’re busy doing it outside Boots and Tescos.

I specialise in close-up magic. Therefore you can hire me to perform close-up magic at weddings, sleight of hand magic for a party and more!