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Tips for hiring a Gloucester Magician

Here are a few tips that might help when looking for a magician in Gloucester:

1. It’s important that a magician (in Gloucester, or anywhere else!) has a great looking website. But a great website does not necessarily make a great magician. So be sure to do some research to ensure that you are not just hiring based off the website.

2. There aren’t any professional qualifications for magicians. But, it’s always useful to see if the magician has won any recent awards and are a member of a society like The Magic Circle. In my opinion, that is the only magic society in the country that is a little difficult to get into, so that’s always a good thing to check.

3. Check that they really are from Gloucester. Some magicians, unfortunately, spoof their websites to pretend that they live in Gloucester … and every other major city in the UK!

4. Do they specialise in close-up magic? The truth is that it is difficult to sustain a career in close-up magic and therefore magicians tend to accept many different types of shows. However, I am a specialist in close-up magic. I don’t do children’s entertainment … I specialise in magic at weddings and corporate events.

5. Are they easy to work with? That’s the essential one in my opinion. Be sure to talk to the magician on the phone and check that you like them, that they are fun and that they would be the right person to represent you or your brand at an event.

And there you go. Five quick, but important tips for hiring a close-up magician in Gloucester … or anywhere else in the country!