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Prices for Magicians

Hiring a close-up magician must be a pretty difficult thing to do. Many people who call me are concerned mainly about price. I can understand that; organising a wedding or party is an expensive business.

But here are some points to consider when it comes to choosing a magician solely on price:

1. There’s not a single professional magician alive who can sustain charging £100 or £150 for every show he does. Minus travel, tax, cost of materials (which is normally low, but still needs to be included), car maintenance cost and the full day that you’re away from the office, the magician would be making next to nothing.

2. If someone is cheap, there’s normally a reason: he doesn’t feel qualified to charge the going rate. If a magician doesn’t have the confidence in themselves, it’s difficult for the client to have the confidence in the magician. Will they arrive on time, will they do a great job and so on?

3. Fees often reflect the magician’s target market. If you are looking for a close-up magician who performs at top-class corporate events, you won’t find the right magician at the lower end of the price scale.

4. Price also reflects the magician’s experience. Amateur magicians almost always charge the least because they don’t rely on magic as their income. Professionals, however, need to charge a full fee because it is their only source of income.

Finally, here’s one that’s the flipside of all the other points:

5. The magician may have a reason to price lower. Maybe they live locally, have another show nearby that day (and can fit you in before or after) or they think meeting your guests would be beneficial for them. Therefore, not every low-fee should suggest the magician isn’t fantastic.