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Gloucester Magician … Close-Up

In the world of the internet, it’s easy to use careful wording to help sell yourself. This is shown particularly well if you search for “Gloucester Magician” or similar, where you’ll see lots of magicians suggesting that they are professional magicians from Gloucester when often they’re neither from Gloucester … or a professional magician!

With that in mind, here are three questions to ask when looking for magicians specifically in Gloucester:

1. Are you really from Gloucester?
Lots of magicians have several websites, with each website pretending that they’re from a different area. This attempt to get more shows, to me, is a little unethical so I am completely honest when people ask. In fact, my address is on the bottom of every page of my website: I live just outside of Gloucester and am one of the very few close-up magicians in Gloucester.

2. Are you really a professional magician?
Several of the websites that show up when searching for “Gloucester magician” are from amateurs posing to be professionals (some, in particular even have quite a lot of hyperbole around that fact too). That isn’t to suggest that they don’t offer professional quality magic, but if you’re representing a company or hiring a magician for your wedding, it’s important to know exactly who and what you’re hiring. I’m a full-time professional magician; it’s what I do for a living and magic is my soul source of income.

3. Are you insured?
Most venues require that any external entertainment or service provider have public liability insurance. It’s a great question to ask a magician up front as it’ll save a lot of hassle later down the line if you find out that they don’t.

I really don’t intend for this to sound like a negative blog post. As a professional close-up magician, I’m passionate about what I do and like to offer the best service possible! Therefore I’m honest and up front about what I do. The trouble with the internet though, is that not every service provider is the same!