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Filming Magic in Bristol

Today I’ve been filming magic for an upcoming DVD project in Bristol. The footage, which features me performing my signature piece, will be part of a new DVD box set that will include two (or possibly three) DVDs and a book describing my thoughts, ideas and techniques on a specific trick. It’s a DVD set specifically designed to teach other professional close-up magicians around the world how I perform the trick.

If you see me perform at an event where I perform at banquet tables, you’ll almost certainly see me perform this trick. It’s the trick that I close my show with and involves having everyone at the table select a card each. The cards are then shuffled into the deck and then I proceed to find each card in increasingly more difficult, fun and impressive ways.

We filmed a few performances in Bristol at a party for a hotel chain. We still have plenty more filming to go, but I’m excited to see the result of what has now been an eight month project for me (not including the years it took to work on the routine!).