Click here to watch Magician in Balloon. As seen on Fool Us & The Next Great Magician.
Why Hire a Wedding Magician?

If you’ve got more than four or five tables for your wedding breakfast, a wedding magician is always a great way to entertain your guests. Here’s why:

  • Wedding magicians always break the ice at a table, which is especially useful if you have people on the table who don’t know each other.
  • Talking about the amazing wedding magician always makes for a great conversation at the table during the meal.
  • Most people have never seen a close-up magician perform before, so it’s a great opportunity for them to experience magic from just a few feet away.
  • It’s something the whole family can join in with and enjoy. Everyone from young children to grandad and grandma love magic!
  • It creates a great buzz and a fun atmosphere. Laughter and applause is contagious, so it’s the perfect way to ensure that everyone enjoys the atmosphere.

Your wedding day is the most amazing day of your life, so make it even more special by hiring an amazing wedding magician!