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Christmas Party Magicians

The Christmas parties have started! It’s the busiest time of year for every close-up magician in the country.

Already this week, I’ve performed at a Christmas party at the offices of a major bank in Birmingham, traveled all the way to West Wales to perform close-up magic during the cocktail reception of a Christmas party for a publishing company and then last night I was in Shropshire performing a show for about 25 people.

A lot of companies book the entertainment (especially close-up magicians) for their party last minute. This, unfortunately, means that I’m sometimes not available to perform when asked. But if you haven’t booked your magician yet, I’m always happy to recommend other magicians in your area. I only suggest magicians that I’ve worked with and can truly recommend to ensure that they’re high quality.

With at least another 15 Christmas parties to go until the big day, you can guarantee that by the time Christmas comes, this magician has celebrated more than enough! But that said, if you need a Christmas party magician, please do get in touch!