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5 Reasons to Hire a Christmas Party Magician

If you’re planning a Christmas party (whether for your work, or personal Christmas party), now is the perfect time to hire a close-up magician. Here are five reasons why you should hire a Christmas party magician

1. Close-up magicians are a lot of fun
Christmas is about letting your hair down and magic is supposed to be fun! The right magician will not only amaze your guests, but make them laugh too.

2. It’s easy to arrange
It takes just one phone call, or just a couple of emails to hire a magician for your Christmas party. Once you’ve chosen your magician, if he’s available, the booking process takes just a few minutes.

3. Close-up magicians are “low maintenance”
Magicians are surprisingly low maintenance. Once at the event, the magician will mingle with your guests. Most magicians don’t have any special requests, or need anything from you. They’ll simply arrive and be ready to start performing within a few minutes.

4. Magic is en-vogue right now
With so much magic on television, it’s clear that magic is a popular entertainment choice. So, if you want your party to be modern and fun, consider a magician!

5. You can hire a magician last minute
While there are only a few professional magicians in the country, you can normally find someone who is available last minute. I’m happy to help recommend magicians who are available on your date, if I’m not able to make it.