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What Kind of Magic do you Perform?

I’m often asked what kind of magic I perform. It’s a good question: if you’ve not seen a close-up magician before, it’s hard to know.

I perform sleight of hand close-up magic using cards, coins, envelopes, rope, watches and a whole host of props that I find around the situation I’m performing in. I’ll give you a few examples:

• I perform a card trick where the deck turns to a block of glass … in someone’s hand!

• I make normal pieces of rope (which have previously been checked by audience members) transform to three times their size, even though everyone is watching incredibly closely.

• I have every single person on the table (normally about twelve people) select a card and then find every single card.

• I give someone a locked box and make a signed playing card appear inside.

Those are just a few examples. I improvise the magic I perform to make it a personal, memorable experience for everyone watching. This makes every single performance different and entertaining.