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Review of my DVD

I released my DVD set for magicians last year. It’s called The Master Pushoff and on it, for the first time, I teach my secret sleight of hand technique. Since this is a blog for the public, I won’t explain what it is, but I would like to post a couple of snippets from two of the many positive reviews it received:

For my money, this is the new ‘must have’ DVD if you want to perform elegant, powerful card magic. I’d put this up there with all the classics, and I recommend it to anyone interested in improving their card magic! —Joe Diamond
The Master Pushoff is more than just another disc of card magic. It’s a great teaching tool that covers a surprisingly wide range of techniques, it’s thoughtfully produced and credited, and it offers a lot of long-term value. I sincerely hope it will serve as a model for other magicians who turn to DVD as a teaching medium; it’s miles ahead of the pack in many important ways. —Gordon Meyer