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Poker in the Park

Poker in the Park is Europe’s largest Poker event, running this weekend in Hanover Square, London. It attracts over 25,000 people and has become a highlight of the Poker circuit. It’s sponsored by people like Sky,, The Star and more and was packed full of card players, casino owners and other industry professionals. It started yesterday and runs all day today.

I was asked to give an interview and performance about magic and card cheating at the event yesterday. The hour-long slot was a lot of fun and while it was a little out of my comfort zone, was incredibly enjoyable. There’s a lot of crossover between magicians and card cheats, so it was great to have the opportunity to demonstrate some cheating ideas and perform some magic.

Thanks to the organisers for inviting me and for making me feel incredibly welcome at their great event! They took lots of video and photos, so I’ll upload some as soon as I get them.

Poker in the Park magician