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Magician photos

If you’re looking for a great way to identify whether a close-up magician is good, here’s a tip: check out the performance shots on his or her website. Here are just a few things you can tell from a close-up magician’s photographs:

  • Are the people having a good time, or do they look bored?
  • Are they reacting positively to the magic?
  • Is the close-up magician well dressed?
  • What kind of venue does the magician normally work?
  • Are the photos recent, or has the magician been using them for ten years?!

You can see from the photos on my homepage, for example, that people constantly laugh and gasp during my act: always a good sign for a close-up magician. I have dozens more photographs to upload to the website as time allows to give an accurate idea of how much people enjoy my magic. Here are just a scant few:

Hire close-up magician Andi Gladwin

Magician at private party

Close-Up magician for party