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Magic Circle Card Magician Workshop

Ten years ago, when in my teens, I created an original technique for handling a deck of cards that I feel makes card magic much stronger and more effective. If you’ve ever seen me perform a card trick, you will have seen me using this secret, hidden technique a dozen times or more.

I was recently asked to film a DVD set on this technique (it’s called The Master Pushoff) and since its release have been asked to give live workshops and seminars on the technique. I’ve given this workshop all around the country and a couple of weeks ago, I gave it at the prestigious Magic Circle in London (fact: every magician who mentions The Magic Circle on their website add “prestigious” in front of it, so I decided to do the same!).

As the workshop is very hands on, the numbers were limited to about 15 – 20 card magicians at time. I gave the workshop four times in the evening and everyone there left being able to perform the technique. Of course, everything in magic takes a lot of practice, so they all went home working on what I taught and will hopefully be eventually adding it to their card magic repertoires.

Of the back of the card magic workshop, I’ve been asked to return to present a full evening lecture. That’s coming up at the end of this month and is also being used as my examination to become an “Associate of the Inner Magic Circle”, which is posh magic speak for the next level up in the Magic Circle (I’m told that only a small number of people become a member of this level, but in all honesty, don’t know much about it!). I’ll update you of my progress!