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Lecture at The Magic Circle

Last night I lectured for about 150 members of The Magic Circle in London. In my lecture (which lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes), I teach a few of the tricks that I perform at events, demonstrate some of the techniques from my Master Pushoff DVD set and give a short talk on marketing. It’s a daunting, but extremely fun experience, being able to talk to your peers in that manner.

I received a lot of positive comments after the lecture, which makes the whole thing worth while. Much to my surprise, several very well respected professional magicians told me that they intend to use some of my tricks in their future performances. The lecture was being filmed for an upcoming live lecture DVD of mine and was also being used to consider whether I’ll be promoted to the next, secret level of The Magic Circle.

Here are a couple of photos, snapped by my friend Alan on his iPhone. I’ll hopefully be able to post some from the official photographer too.

Magic Circle MagicianPresentation at the Magic Circle