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Featured in Cotswold Life Magazine

Cotswold Life is a high-end, thick glossy magazine that often features the rich and the famous from the Cotswolds, usually focusing around their lavish parties or lush homes. Since I don’t fall into any of those categories, it was a nice surprise to be asked to be interviewed about a piece they were running on the resurgence of magic. It runs in this month’s issue.

Cotswold Life magazineAccording to the article written by BBC news reporter Steve Knibbs, I am “flying the flag for Gloucestershire magic.” This, they say, is down to the magicians conference that I organise in Cheltenham (which, last year was attended by people from ten countries), my performances in the area and my involvement with The Evening of Deception; a magic show that I help put on in Cheltenham.

It’s certainly nice to be featured in such a nice magazine. The text of the article can be found on their website.

I’ll close this blog post with a quote that they ran from me. It sums up exactly what I think about the state of magic at the moment: “Magic is quickly starting to evolve again; the more people we have to take it forward the better it can be. If we keep the right performers at our forefront like Derren Brown, Penn & Teller and so on, then magic could once again become an extremely credible form of entertainment.”